How To Participate In Heritage Bank Happy Days Promo

Heritage Bank happy Days Promo is here for you today. The Heritage Bank is a leading Nigerian bank with an excellent service culture hinged on working with each customer to create a name and heritage. It is one of the major Nigerian banks with commitment to excellence and good customer-relation services. This promo has been released as a way to motivate, encourage and appreciate its numerous customers.

To participate in the Heritage Bank Happy Days Promo, you must be an account holder with the Heritage Bank. So, if you have no account with heritage Bank, you are already missing out on this very wonderful opportunity. This promo is well packaged with a lot of prizes to be won. You know the good thing, you can also be one of the winners of this promo if you take this opportunity. By the end of the promo, (May 31) one lucky customer will win a brand new Toyota Corolla saloon car.How To Participate In Heritage Bank Happy Days Promo

How To Participate In Heritage Bank Happy Days Promo

To participate in this Heritage Bank Happy Days Promo, here are some of the things you need to know.

General Information

  • Commencement Date: December 1, 2016
  • End Date: May 31, 2017
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Promo coverage: Nation wide
  • Mode of Winning: Make deposits in your account and qualify for monthly raffle draws


  • Lucky customers will each be rewarded with a 42-inch Flat screen TV!
  • 6 customers who have a minimum balance of 100,000 will stand a chance to win N1,000,000.
  • One lucky customer will win a brand new Toyota Corolla saloon car!

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Description And Promo Dynamics

  • Open a savings account or reactivate a dormant account with a minimum balance of N20,000.
  • Draws will be done monthly
  • Top up your account with a fresh deposit of N20,000 monthly and qualify for another (monthly) draw.
  • Save up to N100,000 and qualify for a draw to win N1,000,000.
  • One lucky customer from each of the six geo-political zones will win N1,000.000.
  • Save up to N500,000 monthly and stand a chance to win a brand new Toyota Corolla saloon car.


  • The promo is open to persons from age 18 years and above
  • Accounts must be opened or reactivated with a minimum opening balance of N20,000
  • Opening or reactivation balances less than N20,000 will also be accepted but must be increased to N20,000 within the month to qualify.

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We wish you success as you participate in this promo. We shall keep you updated on this promo and other related news. Thank you.

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