How to Participate MTN Mega Hunt Promo 2016 | Mega Hunt Lottery

Participate MTN Mega Hunt Promo
How to Participate MTN Mega Hunt Promo 2016 | Mega Hunt Lottery

The MTN Mega Hunt Promo 2016 is a trivia-based contest that any MTN subscribers can participate in for the chance to win exciting prizes, including an SUV, electronics, and cash prizes given out daily and weekly at the end of each month.

The MTN Mega Hunt Promo 2016 is open to all customers of MTN’s services that are resident in Nigeria (the “Customers”). Participants must be 18 years or older to participate in this Service.

The Mega Promo affords you, our dear subscribers, an opportunity to choose from three categories of participation:

  • MTN Freeland – Standard trivia Participation
  • MTN Mega Hunt  (VIP Class) – Premium trivia Participation
  • Master Class (Discovery) – an Infotainment Service


MTN Freeland – Standard Trivia Participation

Become a STANDARD PARTICIPANT in order to enjoy the Trivia Game and participate in the DAILY and WEEKLY STANDARD draws, free of charge. To become a STANDARD PARTICIPANT in the SERVICE you need to send an SMS to the short code 38427  or dial the USSD Code *173*2#.

Every MO SMS sent to 38427 (PARTICIPATION SMS) or call to *173*2# and all MTs from 38427 are free apart from the daily charge notification that shall also be sent from 38427.

MTN Mega Hunt (VIP Class) – Premium Trivia Participation

Become a PREMIUM PARTICIPANT by subscribing in the optional subscription service which gives subscribers the extra feature below in comparison to being a STANDARD PARTICIPANT for a daily cost of 100 NGN per day till the end of the SERVICE PERIOD.

To become a PREMIUM Participant in the Service you need to either Dial the USSD code *173*1# and follow the instructions or send an SMS to the short code 38427. Specific Keywords- such as “VIP” and “OK” sent to the short code 38427 and to accept the consequent confirmation request (Double Opt-In).

Only upon confirmation of the second prompt to subscribe will one be deemed a Participant to the SERVICE according to these Terms & Conditions. No charges will apply until the aforementioned confirmation process is complete. A Subscriber could also join the VIP Class by following the SMS prompts as a standard participant.

For the rest of the SERVICE PERIOD, the Premium Subscriber will be automatically sent one SMS every day (SUBSCRIPTION SMS) through the 38427 short code adding him in the corresponding DAILY & WEEKLY PREMIUM draw and charging him 100 Naira (including all taxes). In order for a Premium Subscriber to be eligible for the Prize of a specific prize period, he/she must be successfully charged at least once within this period.

Master class – The Infotainment Service

Master class, running parallel and promoted through the Service, allows subscribers to enjoy infotainment trivia by having the option to select the content category of their liking (Geography, Health Barometer, World Records) and enjoy an infotainment trivia of questions and answers daily while receiving various informative facts around the specific category.

Additionally and to promote the service, prizes will be given out (SUV/month) in the following manner:

  • Subscribers enter a Monthly draw with 50 points upon first time subscription, only for the draw for the month in which they subscribed to the service.
  • Subscribers get the option to select content category of their liking only after a successful charge of N20/day

To subscribe in the Infotainment Service, a subscriber needs to either Dial the USSD code *173*3# and follow the instructions or send specific keywords, such as “GO” and “OK” to the short code 38436 and to accept the consequent confirmation request (Double Opt-In).  Only upon confirmation of the second opt-in prompt to subscribe will one be deemed a Subscriber to the Service according to these Terms & Conditions. No charges will apply if the aforementioned confirmation process is complete. A Subscriber could also join the infotainment service by following the SMS prompts as a standard participant.

The Subscriber will automatically receive one SMS every day (SUBSCRIPTION SMS) through the 38436 shortcode with the first content of the day charging him 20 Naira (including all taxes).

Who is Eligible to participate?

The Service is open to all MTN customers that are resident in Nigeria,Participants must be 18 years or older to participate in this Service.

A Participant hereby warrants and represents that he/she is:

  • At least 18 years old and eligible to participate in the Service in the same manner as being eligible to enter into valid contracts under Nigerian law,
  • Participating voluntarily,
  • Have perused and have a clear understanding of the terms and conditions of the Service,
  • Fully aware & accept that SMS sent on the MTN platform in the course of participation in the Service shall only count for the purpose of this Service where same have been duly charged in accordance with this terms and conditions,
  • Fully aware & accept that any sums applied or expended in participating in the Service is non- refundable.

MTN the Organizers has the right to verify the eligibility of Participants which will also include confirmation of details of Participants as registered in the SIM registration process and their status as bona fide MTN subscriber at all material times.

Participants hereby agree that personal data supplied when participating in the Service may be used by the Organizer to monitor participation in the Service, to provide services to Participants from time to time and to evaluate service improvements.

How to win?

The points one possesses represent the number of entries he/she has to the Offer. The more points you have, the higher your chances to win. A user collects additional FAQS points, which invariably increases his/her chance of winning via the raffle draw.

Almost all of the messages that you will receive, will include your total points. If you just want to be reminded of your current balance, simply send POINTS to 38427, free of charge. You will receive a free SMS with the total amount of points you have accumulated.

To further increase your points and increase your chance of winning other fantastic cash prizes, you can decide to join the premium level which gives you access to winning bigger prizes (N1,000,000 daily and N10,000,000 weekly) by sending VIP to 38427 all for a daily charge of N100.

Also another trivia game exists where you are in the draw to win an SUV in a monthly draw by sending GO to 38426 and participating for a daily subscription charge of N20. All SMS sent to 38427 and 38436 is free of charge.


For each PRIZE PERIOD, a specific number of prizes are available, as defined in the table below:

Generator 1 PRIZE EVERY DAY Every day DRAW
Smart Phone 1 PRIZE EVERY DAY Every day DRAW
N1,000,000 1 PRIZE EVERY DAY Every day DRAW
MONTHLY SUV- KIA SPORTAGE 1 Prize per month (last prize will be given at the end of the promotion) Every Month DRAW


How are winners notified?

On the next Monday after the end of a PRIZE PERIOD, the daily and weekly winners will be selected. (PRIZE PERIOD) here refers to daily and weekly prize periods.

  • For every prize available in the PRIZE PERIOD, one winner and 10 runner-ups are selected.
  • Every winner will be contacted by the ORGANIZER on the mobile phone number he has used to participate in the SERVICE. The ORGANIZER will attempt to contact the winner at least 3 times a day over a period of 1 week, between the hours of 9am and 8pm. If the winner cannot be contacted during this period, he is disqualified & forfeits the prize & the ORGANIZER will attempt to contact the next runner up.
  • The winner is required to provide proof of eligibility and sign a prize acceptance form (as requested by the ORGANIZER) before prizes can be collected. If the winner fails to provide sufficient proof within that period, he is disqualified and forfeits the prize and the next runner up is contacted.
  • To accept a prize, a winner that has any outstanding debts towards the ORGANIZER, needs to settle the debt within 3 days from being contacted by the ORGANIZER. If outstanding debts are not settled within that period, the winner forfeits the prize.
  • If the winner and all runner-ups forfeit the prize, the prize is deemed unclaimed and remains at the disposal of the ORGANIZER.
  • Winners agree to the publication of their names and /or photographs in any media or promotional material produced by the ORGANIZER. Such use does not entitle the winner to any further compensation.
Please Note

If a Subscribers needs additional information regarding the Service and the Terms and Conditions he or she can call 180 from a mobile telephone that is subscribed to MTN’s mobile network.

All Participants and Infotainment Subscribers can request that no further INVITATION SMS are sent to them by sending,the keyword “CANCEL” or “STOP” to each of the services’s short codes 38427 or 38436, which will automatically unsubscribe Participant from the Mega Hunt Service.

The calls to these lines shall be Toll free and the lines will be open 24 hours a day.

All SMS sent to 38427 is free of charge.


MTN Mega Hunt Promo Duration

The end date of Mega Hunt will be the 10th of May 2017 (hereafter “Service Period”). Current terms and conditions apply for the duration of the Service. The Service may be further extended.



  1. mtn please I need ur help in promo because I almost finished all the money I have in promo. but nothing come true, please help me God will bless you all amen.

  2. How could somebody with this kind of point 593930,still battling to win on megahunt promo MTN N VIP category ?
    Haba MTN,you people should pls show pity naw.Atleast you people should pls keep your words.It was said earlier that ‘the higher your points,the higher your chances of winning’.Haven’t I accumulated the points that will make me emerge a winner ? Honestly,I have tried.
    MTN,should pls help ! I am really in need of the help of MTN.There is no time !
    I just pray that all my efforts such as financial investments,emotional stress,mental stress and sleepless nights when playing the game will not be in vain.
    I wish to get something good in return.
    God pls help me ! My number 08100946412.

  3. Fellow Nigerians,MTN Mega hunts is real,take note…. because you haven’t been call doesn’t mean it’s not real.

    its a game of luck!

    I know of someone who won 1million,he got a call from MTN and got a cheque.

    I pray baba God will just pick my call with 08064130760 soon.

    And every other persons calls too.

    Pray for God favour like I have been during everyday I’m a Participant too with 7,160 points so far….with mobile no.08064130760

    Stay bless

  4. Am Emeka OJOBOR mararaba am very happy to be a member of mtn mega hunt what I can adivce every one that is a should hard to be like me and believe in God he can do all thing for you and me. GOD should bless mtn for this promo

  5. Mtn should please play according to the rule .only 4 people has won 10m since may 2016 what suppose to be every week according to terms and condition

  6. Its since that I won this promo but you people don’t want to give it to me, God is watch oooo

  7. My name is Nnamdi onuoha, I am participating on mtn megahunt but since Sunday 26/03/2017 I have not be receiving message and my money is no longer be deducting, then yesterday being 29/03/2017 I called customer care service and complain the issue then this afternoon I got message that am successful unsubcriber to mtn megahunt, so please what is going on and point is already 14800 point.


  9. Hello MTN,honestly speaking,if there is somebody who needs serious help from MTN Megahunt,I should be the one.
    I have invested all I have in this promo as N100 is always deducted for the service.I am in VIP category and I started participating since last year August 2016.
    I have not yet received any call from MTN Megahunt Organisers and please,I really need that call of breakthrough,favour and assistance.
    I am a student but my education has stopped because of lack of money.I want to become a medical doctor in future but my hope has dwindled because of no money.I am very good academically and I wish I could get back to school.
    Our family needs help seriously because things are difficult,no money,poor nutrition,feeding is a problem and things are completely unfavourable.
    I have tried my best to accumulate many points as I can (my point is 503240 in the draw).
    I beg MTN with the name of God,please and please,put a smile on my face,help my dream of becoming a medical doctor come through and also help our poor and unfavourable family.If I win Megahunt VIP category cash prize,it will make my family and I alot !
    If I win in VIP category of MTN Megahunt promo,I will never forget MTN and God will keep progressing MTN.
    May God bless MTN.
    Thank you so much.My participating MTN phone number is 08136170624.

    • Thanks for that, well you should also know that this is a game so anyone can be be winning.


    • Remember its a game anyone and everyone has chance to win. So keep on trying.

  11. Hello, I’m sani from Lagos state an I need access from mtn wen I playing the game, some time’s am get error message I don’t know why, for example the error is like unknown sent yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I don’t know the problem but am complain true 180 but it’s not clear!!!

  12. Oshinbanjo enitan sunday 08168977766. Thanks

  13. Hello, am oshinbanjo enitan sunday have not see any call from MTN yello

  14. hello, i am Ishaku Bulama from Yola Adamawa state currently i have 59150 points but i am yet to win any prize; here is my number plis 07067818072

  15. is this promo real because nobody from my area Ado Ekiti precisely has ever won. my point is. 59000. I’ve never been selected even for #100000

  16. wow so amazing, but i believe the end some thing great will happen.

  17. am kelechi by name been doing mega hunt promo since june but not receive any price my points is 4510 and hv not been called ,,,my number is 08166998453

  18. Once you are selected or win any of the prizes you will be call upon.

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