Pasuma Wonder vs Saheed Osupa Networth

Pasuma Wonder vs Saheed Osupa Networth – Richest Fuji musicians

All this years, argument has been going on concerning who is the Richest Fuji musicians in Nigeria. And I think this is an argument with out end because this two great Fuji Musicians have achieved lot of things both locally and internationally.

Fuji music has become a “hot cake” in Nigeria today with hordes of artist venturing into the market.

On this page we only pointed out Pasuma Wonder vs Saheed Osupa Networth & achievements so far.  For those who care to know this; Pasuma Wonder and Saheed Osupa are top Fuji musicians here in Nigeria. SO I think no one should doubt that.

Pasuma Wonder vs Saheed Osupa Networth

I want use to start with Pasuma Wonder net-worth first before going to talk of Saheed Osupa net-wroth.

Pasuma Wonder Networth and Profile

Full Name: Pasuma Ajibola Wonder

Networth so far: He has alot of investment including estate investment , alot of albums, get alot of shows. As a matter of fact He releases about 5 album every year, This adding more money to his account.

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New List of Richest Fuji Musicians and Their Networth

Talking about Fuji in Nigeria today, Pasuma Wonder is also called the king of fuji music currently. But he isn’t the No1 richest Fuji Musicians as of today. Here are the 5 top Richest Fuji musicians of today.

  1. Ayinde Wasiu Mashal is the richest fuji musician in Nigeria with a networth of N750 Million
  2. Abass Akande Obesere with a networth of N500 Million
  3. Pasuma Wonder whose networth stand at N455 Milllion
  4. Saheed Osupa takes the fourth spot with a networth of N450 Million
  5. Sule Alao Malaika secured the fifth spot with a networth of N300 Million


Check down you will find a comment box below. Use it to share your thought concerning Pasuma Wonder vs Saheed Osupa Networth and Top 5 List of Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria listed above.

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37 responses to “Pasuma Wonder vs Saheed Osupa Networth – Richest Fuji musicians”

  1. fatai ooduro

    pasuma is the best

    1. onlinedailys

      If you say so, that’s your choice


    pasuma is the latest and the best fuji artist in the world

  3. Abdulkadir

    Well pasuma not pasuma we tank god for SAHEED osupa

  4. Abdulkadir

    Osupa made yoruba paople to no what is yoruba music like me am enjoy d music


    Pasuma is the number 1 fuji musician in nigeria because it’s not easy to mix up fuji and hiphop together and no fuji musician has ever done so… So now you can’t compare Pasuma with Local Osupa. Osupa is not creative and as am talking to you right now pasuma is releasing an album very soon with R Kelly… So compare. From AY GUNNERS, Omo Oganla fuji.

  6. Olamilekan sodiq

    As for me GOD realy give pasuma d talent i so mush lke d man as 4 me he is no 1 musician in nigeria

  7. adebayo

    no fuji musician like pasuma honestly he dose what d rest fuji musician can not do he do an hip hop album

  8. akinyemi

    akinyemi, osupa is the best he make me to know the important of Fuji music and Yoruba language. thank god for is life.

  9. shaffy

    akinyemi you get sense jare, SAHEED osupa noni

  10. Bakare Kabiesi Ogbagi- Akoko

    bakare Kabiesi to me pasuma is the best

  11. Michael Ajilo Okanlomo Ojota

    Hip Hop Is Different To Fuji music don’t compare them together when Pasuma does not know what to do that is why he went for Hip Hop KSO Is The Best

  12. oluwaseun

    pasuma is the best

  13. abiodun

    some people are just so confuse.well dey are entitle to their own opinion. pasuma ure the bomb. diversification is the best way towards achieving greatness in life. let them spill their rubbish. who is dat man with Tiro on his face. Abeg gi na u biko

  14. sikiru olawale

    mtcheew pasoma na suegbe but king Dr saheed osupa the main man is the best ever

  15. waas

    pasuma is d best make p ple to love Fuji Dan every

  16. Mukail hassan

    Pasuma is a versatile musician, so is the best

  17. karlos


    pasuma is the best.because its not easy to mix up with hip pop artists. so let dem say what they don’t no abt him.idi aro le ma Sun.because awa o Sun lase Sun.osupa to Sun ni o se Sun.thanks.

  18. Alowolodu Oluwafemi

    Pasuma is a great fuji musician need he was so talented. also having hip hop music with fujg, i give him king of fuji, ljoba fuji world wide.

  19. Ogundele

    I don’t knw wat to say, I just like dis person calling oganla pasuma, he do dinger me with his music kudos to u keep on Allah will continue to uplifting u

  20. tom king

    king saheed osupa is the number one best and the most talented fuji musician in nigeria…. for those that listen to good music.

  21. tom king

    I think saeed osupa worth to be come the lord of music.

    1. onlinedailys

      Please give your reasons and observations why you said so.

  22. lamdeen

    pasuma is d best in fuji industry


    Pasuma wonder is simply the best,full stop no comaa,no semi column

  24. prince johnson

    well as for me if pasuma won become hip hop artist make him be,and if na Fuji he won dey sing abeg make him dey sing am ,instead of him missing it up all day wish can rubbish be that ,where who na here say sikiru ayinde barrister sing hip before or Wasiu ayinde Marshal na wao so king doctor sahid osupa is the best Yoruba music all time

  25. sundrazy

    To talk of fuji, king doctor saheed osupa is the best.As in anytime i listen to his music it make me to understand how exertly life be and our culture,any pasuma fans should go and listen to (billionaieR CLUD)And compare it to anyone of pasuma record.Has for me o osupa is the best.

  26. Suraj Kazeem Abiodun

    As For Me Some Pple Dnt Understand Music Dat’s Y Dey Said Pasuma Is Singing HipHop Tell How Many Fans Call Pasuma To Come Nd Sing Hiphop 4 Dem, King Saheed Osupa Is D Best

  27. Suraj Kazeem Abiodun

    KSO Clear Everything
    Dat Wot Pasuma Sing Is Nt Hiphope
    Is Hipfuji Dat Y Lord Of Music Call His Self
    Hipfuji Creator In General Can Pasuma Fans Tell Me How many
    Hiphop Fans Call APasuma To Come And Perform As Hiphop Artist Men KSO Kudos To Baba Ogbon I Sight U I Give It U

  28. haykins

    this is final answer.pAsuma is the best,bcus he help alot. an adage say eni tiaba jeninu owore lonjolowo.kudos 2 u ijoba fuji

  29. Nureni obalowu

    pasuma alabi is the best , everybody known that, he get fan pass other, he do secure concert pass other, he also known important personality pass other Fuji artist , walahi is the best

  30. Kunmi

    To me saheed osupa is d best, bcus I dont use to fuji music b4 but when I listen to sikiru ayinde and saheed osupa music i knw how they impress people who know d meaning of fuji music even saheed worth philo…..

  31. figo 7

    king saheed osupa akorede ikolaba 1 olufimo akoko matagbamole 1, am proud u anywhere am going in nigeria and oversea u are the best good music good character good luck good leader in need new record pace setter aiye koje momomo lowo. omo ibadan ni mi omo onile olono emi oni fowo osi ju we ile baba mi. omo egbe ni mi omo onile olono emi oni fowo osi ju we ile baba mi keep up

  32. Olaitan azeez

    Realy! KSO is the best fuji musician, who promote our culture, show d gud quality of our language(yoruba) and educate both young and old with is music. He (KSO)should be called a genius.

  33. Qamardeen Ibn Abdulateef PFC

    Hansigan Is D Best Among D Rest, Pasuma Na Baba 4 Osupa.

  34. akeju

    Kudos to pasuma oga wa

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