Pasuma Wonder vs Saheed Osupa Networth – Richest Fuji musicians

All this years, argument has been going on concerning who is the Richest Fuji musicians in Nigeria. And I think this is an argument with out end because this two great Fuji Musicians have achieved lot of things both locally and internationally.

Fuji music has become a “hot cake” in Nigeria today with hordes of artist venturing into the market.

On this page we only pointed out Pasuma Wonder vs Saheed Osupa Networth & achievements so far.  For those who care to know this; Pasuma Wonder and Saheed Osupa are top Fuji musicians here in Nigeria. SO I think no one should doubt that.

Pasuma Wonder vs Saheed Osupa Networth

I want use to start with Pasuma Wonder net-worth first before going to talk of Saheed Osupa net-wroth.

Pasuma Wonder Networth and Profile

Full Name: Pasuma Ajibola Wonder

Networth so far: He has alot of investment including estate investment , alot of albums, get alot of shows. As a matter of fact He releases about 5 album every year, This adding more money to his account.

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New List of Richest Fuji Musicians and Their Networth

Talking about Fuji in Nigeria today, Pasuma Wonder is also called the king of fuji music currently. But he isn’t the No1 richest Fuji Musicians as of today. Here are the 5 top Richest Fuji musicians of today.

  1. Ayinde Wasiu Mashal is the richest fuji musician in Nigeria with a networth of N750 Million
  2. Abass Akande Obesere with a networth of N500 Million
  3. Pasuma Wonder whose networth stand at N455 Milllion
  4. Saheed Osupa takes the fourth spot with a networth of N450 Million
  5. Sule Alao Malaika secured the fifth spot with a networth of N300 Million


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  1. fatai ooduro
    • onlinedailys
  3. Abdulkadir
  4. Abdulkadir
  6. Olamilekan sodiq
  7. adebayo
  8. akinyemi
  9. shaffy
  10. Bakare Kabiesi Ogbagi- Akoko
  11. Wazcolt
  12. Michael Ajilo Okanlomo Ojota
  13. oluwaseun
  14. abiodun
  15. sikiru olawale
  16. waas
  17. Mukail hassan
  18. karlos
  19. Alowolodu Oluwafemi
  20. Ogundele
  21. tom king
  22. tom king
    • onlinedailys
  23. lamdeen
  25. prince johnson
  26. sundrazy
  27. Suraj Kazeem Abiodun
  28. Suraj Kazeem Abiodun
  29. haykins
  30. Nureni obalowu
  31. Kunmi
  32. figo 7
  33. Olaitan azeez
  34. Qamardeen Ibn Abdulateef PFC
  35. akeju

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