Payoneer Registration Form | Login Online Account

Whenever you see a company being in charge online it’s simply because they have the right operation mindset which their customers benefit from. Take for instance PayPal Company. You should also know that Payoneer account is likewise. Over 4 million customers around the world use Payoneer because it’s reliable and secured to fund and receive payment from around the world with lowest charge rate. Accept payments in USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD & CNY as if you had your own local bank account. with quick, low-cost and secure solutions to pay and get paid globally. As a user, you also have the ability to Withdraw funds straight into your bank account and/or at ATMs worldwide.

Payoneer Mobile

I believe some of you may want to access your account via mobile. It’s fast and easy. All you need is download and install the latest version then login. But note that you can’t do major charges on your account settings when using a Payoneer mobile app, this is for security purpose. It is always better to use PC when you have things to do like; withdraw, payout, change password, etc.

The mobile app is only to help you keep updated and track your balance and other important records which you can as well do much more effectively on PC.

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There are TWO TYPES of Payoneer ACcount you can register for, this includes;

  • An Individual accountPayoneer Individual Form
  • Company Account

Payoneer company form

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How to Sign Up Payoneer Account Online

Select whether you want to signup as an Individual or a Company. There is a little different here, which is that you have to present a legal Company’s name. Then every other information required is the same.

So let’s get started…

  1. Enter the homepage
  2. Click on Sign Up
  3. Select the type of account you wish to open
  4. Fill up your contact information
    company form 2
  5. The next is the Security Details, here you have to create a strong password and confirm that your email address is correct. If you are creating a Payoneer account as a company then you have to include your company registration number (only for company).
    company form 3
  6. This page you will have to provide your local Bank information which could be either USE or EUR (charges apply during your transaction).
    company form 4.2When you look closely you see that at the top of the form you can either select the bank information you want to use or that you have. For an instant, if you are creating a Payoneer company account then this options will be available because though you may have a company but still use your personal information as bank information.Your Bank Name, Account number and SWIFT or BIC is needed to complete this stage of Payoneer Registration Form.
  7. Now you just completed your online Payoneer account Registration. So, you should see a page like this;
    company form 5
  8. Now, it is time you login to your email account; First, to confirm your Bank/registration and secondly to see the message sent to you by Payoneer that your account is under review.

If you are logging into your account for the first time, you will be required to update your security questions and answers.


Few minutes after your registration you should receive an email that your account is approved. Now you can start sending and receiving fund around the world. So fast and reliable!


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How To Login Online Account

The same log in information is required both on mobile App and web address – your email address and password used while processing the Payoneer registration form to create this account.

Payoneer login

  1. Visit the main page
  2. click on login
  3. enter your email and password
  4. then click/tap “Sign In”

that is all!


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