Top Ways To Screenshot In Windows 10

PC Tips: Top Ways To Screenshot In Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10 on your PC, my bet is that you would have wanted to screenshot at one time or the other. Maybe you succeeded, maybe you failed. We will show you the top ways to screenshot in windows 10 so that you would not be stranded again. Knowing how to screenshot is very important. It helps you to capture scenes, images, information, screens etc you would want to use or share with people. You could also have your own reasons to screenshot. While we are not interested in the reasons, we will show you how to do so.

Top Ways To Screenshot In Windows 10We will attempt to simplify the processes of this tutorial so you could understand, in simple terms, the top ways to screenshot in windows 10. After going through this, you would be grateful you did. So, let us get down to business and show you what you want to know right way.

Top Ways To Screenshot In Windows 10

Below are the easy ways you could screenshot in your Windows 10. They are just 4 in number. Read it through.

  • Alt + Print Screen

The Alt+Print Screen easily allows Windows 10 to capture only the active window. If you are working with multiple windows, it allows you to select the particular important window you want to capture. The image screenshot while using this shortcut is saved in your clipboard.

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  • Windows + Print Screen

To capture the entire screen in your window 10, just combine the Windows+Print Screen buttons and it will be effected. The images saved in this process are saved directly to your drive as PNG files. To locate them, you go to Pictures Library, Screenshot folder and you will locate it.

  • Windows + H

Another important and useful Windows 10 screenshot shortcuts is the Windows+H combination. These keys will take a screenshot of your active app and bring up a sharing panel, allowing you to easily insert and share this screenshot in other apps. So, if you want to share your screenshot to other apps, you use this keys combination.

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  • Windows + Volume Down

The Windows+Volume Down buttons takes a screenshot of your entire screen and saves it to the screenshot folder. It is very simple on its own without any challenges.

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Did you learn anything from the top ways to screenshot in windows 10? Share your thoughts with us. Most likely, you could have another way you screenshot in windows 10? Please share with us. We are available to also attend to your questions in areas of confusion. Thank you for visiting us today.

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