Peak Milk Reach for Millions Promo: Watch how Falz won N1m

Yesterday I got a call from one of the 2015 Peak Milk Reach for Millions Promo participant telling that he got a message he has won money and he also received the pin code to collect the money.

But on getting there, the Bank told him that there is no money for him. That if he had won, it would have come to there notice.

Learn here how to identify scam  and originality of Peak Milk Reach for Millions Promo… Some one has become victim of scammers while others Win for real..

So the Man called the number that sent the message and guess what they told him;

And I called this person a fraudster

The fraudster  now speaking: “Yes you have won N500,000 . But for you to collect it you have to make payment of 50,000 to claim the money.


Peak milk participant: How do i pay the money


The fraudster  now speaking: They sent him there account details to make the payment.


Peak milk participant: And on getting to the bank again, maybe he explained to one of the bankers there. The bankers then told him to investigate well before paying any money. Then he call one of the Team support number. Team: We now told him this ” In this Peak Milk Reach for Millions Promo, all winners collect there prize with out paying any money to any one. Any payment before collection of prize is not official. We went further to tell him that its NOT possible to use money to collect money.

In conclusion, let this be a lesson to all participants, THE Peak Milk Reach for Millions Promo IS REAL AND PEOPLE ARE WINNING EVERYDAY.


Keep enjoying your self with Peak milk with your family and keep winning.

I recently watched a funny peak milk promo video, I want you to watch too and lean more on how to participate in the Peak Milk Reach for Millions Promo and I also want you to laugh.


What do you have to say??? use the comment box below to share your point of view.

Keep enjoying peak milk and keep winning.


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