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Permanently Disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates – Using This Guide

Windows 10 is good and packed with lots of features. I enjoy it! The update makes your computer and installs programs protected.

Its risky to permanently disable Windows 10 automatic updates, you will be depriving lots of new features. expect that you are using a cracked windows 10 version. Because once its updated and you are logged in it detects that you’re using a fake version of the windows.

On the other hand, its important to also consider disabling windows 10 updates if you don’t enough data to continue running the update. or maybe that it slows your network speed.

Yet, its not recommended disabling your Windows automatic update.

But in any case, make sure that from time to time you manually

Well, you best know the reason why you want to take this action.

We are interested to know why you want to stop windows 10 from automatic updates so that we can even give you a better opinion to manage your situation instead of disabling it (windows 10 update). use the comment box below – let’s interact.

There are TWO EASY ways to stop the automatic update. Below are the guide, simply follow the instructions and you will get it right.

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How to Permanently Disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates

You can apply any or both steps to disable your windows automatic update.


  1. From your Windows search-bar type
  2. then select “Services – App”
  3. Then scroll down to Windows update, then double click it
  4. then click on “stop” under Service status
  5. then from the “Setup Type”, click on the scroll-bar and select “disabled”
  6. Then click on “Apply” and “Ok” to save the settings.


Change the settings of the Group Policy Editor.

  1. Go to your Windows, then type “gpedit.msc”
  2. The go to “Computer configuration”
  3. then “Administrative Templates”
  4. then “Windows components”
  5. then scroll to “Windows updates”
  6. the double click o “Configure Automatic Updates”
  7. then select ‘Disabled” under Configure Automatic Updates
  8. Then click on “Apply” then click on “Ok” to complete the disabling of the windows automatic update

Please note that the same process you have to follow even ever you charge your mind to allow or enable Windows 10 Automatic Updates.


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