PES 2018 Release Date, Cost, Consoles & Pre-order Guide – Everything You Must Know About PES 2018

To all game lovers, the PES 18 release date, cost and download guide has been released. We know the controversy surrounding PES & FIFA still rages. To some, FIFA trumps PES; to others, the reverse is the case. We do not wish to contribute to the debates. Rather, we bring you the PES 2018 Release Date, Cost, Consoles & Pre-order Guide. You will surely find this very helpful.

This guide article on the PES 2018 Release Date, Cost, Consoles & Pre-order Guide is quite insightful. It details everything you need to know about the PES 2018. This includes the release date, pre-order details, new features etc. One thing is certain, if you are a PES 2018, you are in for a great, refreshed and improved gaming experience. Enjoy the ride.

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PES 2018 Release Date, Cost, Consoles & Pre-order Guide

Here is a breakdown on the release date, cost and download guideline of PES 2018.

PES 2018 Release Date

The PES 2018 will be released on Tuesday, September 12 in the USA and Thursday, September 14 in Europe and Asia.

PES 2018 Cost

The standard edition of PES 2018 will retail at £49.99 ($59.99) on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is slightly cheaper – £44.99 – on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. There is also a special FC Barcelona edition of the game that will cost slightly more. That is currently listed at £57.99 ($69.99) on PS4 and £64.99 ($69.99) on Xbox One and will include special Barcelona myClub agents, a Barcelona theme and 1,000 myClub coins as bonus content. FIFA is slightly more expensive in the UK; it’s standard edition will retail at £54.99 but only $59.99, making it the same price as PES in the USA. The two bonus versions are on offer at £79.99 ($79.99) and £89.99 ($99.99).

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PES 2018 Download Guide (Pre-order)

You can pre-order PES 2018 now. Digital downloads of the standard and Barcelona editions that will set you up for release day can be paid for now in the UK and US through the official PlayStation and Xbox stores. You can also pre-order hard copies of the game for all of the consoles it will be released on – including PS3 and Xbox 360 – from various retailers in the UK and US. Click here for Konami’s guide to buying options in each country and region.

What Consoles Will PES 2018 Be Released On?

PES 2018 will be released on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Who Will Be On The Cover Of PES 2018?

A selected Barcelona team players would be featured on the cover.

Using this PES 2018 Release Date, Cost, Consoles & Pre-order Guide, get ready to have a new gaming experience.

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