Phone Tips: How To Prolong Phone Battery

One of the major challenges of phone users bothers on how to prolong phone battery. There are many uses of a phone. As such, it is very needful to ensure that the phone’s battery lasts long to be able to serve the various purposes it is meant for. Most often, you are discouraged from doing certain needful things you want to do because of phone battery capacity. If you are in Nigeria, this becomes clearer to you because of the incessant power outage in the country.

Given their diverse range of capabilities and multi-functionality running on a mobile phone platform, it’s no wonder that battery life has always been a concern for developers, manufacturers and the users themselves. On average, most smartphone batteries last between one and two days before being completely depleted, and in need of a recharge. But whatever your case, here is a way out: How To Prolong Phone Battery.

How to prolong phone battery

How To Prolong Phone Battery

1.  Stop Using Vibrations

Phone vibrations actually use up more power than ringtones. The amount of battery power used by the phone’s vibrations is higher compared to the ringtones. Most people even go to the extent of using both the ringtones and the vibrations. This is one quick way of running down your phone battery. If you are in places where you can’t answer calls, either switch of the phone or put it on silent mode to save more battery.

2. Turn Off Connections

Another effective means on how to prolong phone battery is to turn off un-needed connections. Much battery power is consumed whenever your phone searches for signals, Wi-Fi, 3G or Bluetooth etc. The longer your Wi-fi, Bluetooth, 3/4G are on, the more battery power is used. As a result, it is advisable to switch off your data, Bluetooth, Wi-fi etc when they are not actively in use.

3. Dim Your Screen

The higher your phone’s brightness, the more battery is consumed. While you may have your reasons for using brighter screen, be reminded it reduces the battery energy in a big way. It’s obvious that dimming your screen will reduce your phone’s power consumption since we all have to activate the screen whenever we use our phones. You can also set your phone on Auto-brightness to adjust the brightness to its optimal level for reading while conserving battery life.

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5. Turn Off That GPS

One major app that reduces your phone battery in a big way is the GPS. Most phones have a GPS unit that allows the sending and receiving of signals to and from satellites to determine your exact location, which is integral for some apps to work. Disabling the GPS does not only save your battery power, it is also a security and privacy measure to avoid being traced.

6. Close Unnecessary And Inactive Apps

Looking for how to prolong phone battery? Close unnecessary and inactive apps. Many phone users have the habit of opening apps upon apps and leaving them unclosed. These unclosed apps contribute to dissipate the phone’s battery power in the background. Therefore, it is advisable to close the apps you are not using to ensure your battery power is prolonged. As often as possible, kill your apps if you are not using them.

7. When Not In Need, Switch Off Your Phone.

Whenever you know you won’t use your phone for hours, it is advised you switch it off entirely. Switching your phone off is a one sure way of making your battery last longer. So, the next time you want to sleep, or go into a long meeting, kindly switch off your phone to save the battery from draining.

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8. Shorten Screen Timeout

The screen timeout is simply how long your phone will be lit after active use. While many leave their phone lit for 3-10mins after use, you can set your own at 5-10 seconds. Some of us do not have the habit of ‘locking’ the phone after we are done with it; we just let it go lights out by itself. Keeping the timeout duration short will ensure that the phone doesn’t waste power when you’re not using it.

9. Activate Power-saving modes

Enabling a battery-saving mode manages the phone’s various power-sapping features for you. It might, for example, prevent apps from updating in the background, dim your screen, reduce the screen timeout setting, disable on-screen animations, and turn off vibration. By default, this mode usually turns on when your battery level drops to 20 percent, but you can set it to kick in at 30 percent instead. And the sooner the phone switches to this power-saving mode, the longer its battery will last. This is another sure way on how to prolong phone battery.

If you have followed this line by line, you must have seen the various ways you can prolong your phone battery without spending a dime. Knowledge, they say, is power. We have given you this power today.  So, no more complains. Share with us what you think about this article. We will be glad to hear from you.


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