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List of Latest Phones with Built-in Cloud Storage (Free Online Storage for Phones)

No one wants to see is device storage filled or losing fill content at all times. This is why leveraging on the phone’s Cloud storage allows you to backup, sync, and restore content stored on your device. That means you’ll lose anything important to you and can seamlessly view photos across all devices.

Storing in the cloud help you secure your important data and makes even switching phones much more easier. At any time and from any device you can login to access your backups without stress.

On this page, are a list of latest phone manufacturers that has a Built-in Cloud Storage. At least you can buy your favoritee or consider the best phone budget considering that you still have extra storage – if you are the photo and video shooting type.

Common Features of Phones with Built-in Cloud Storage

  • The Built-in Cloud Storage request users to Login or create account
  • Files and documents can be uploaded either through mobile phones and access those files from other App once you log in.
  • They also have websites you can login to access those files you uploaded through mobile. Also, you can upload files from other channels (like the web) and still access it on Mobile phone cloud storage apps.
  • The storage spaces are free but with limited storage space. And gives users the opportunity to upgrade to a premium plan. Only some Google Pixel Phones are an exception to this, though.

Types of Phones You can get an In-Built Cloud Storage Apps

1. Android Phones

Android OS service belongs to Google and that is why MOST (if not all) Android smartphones these days have the default Google-installed apps (PlayStore Drive, Player, Photos, Gmail, etc.).

In case you don’t know, Google Photos and Google Drive are cloud storage apps. The Google Photo stores your pictures and videos right from the day of the phone usage. While the Google Drive app stores files and documents like PDF, images, etc. But not unlimited storage.

To start using those default Google storage apps you need to login to your Google account. So that even when next you get another phone and login with the same Google account you can access all the stored files.

Your saved files can also be accessed from the website – This means that you can upload files and documents from computer or any Drive App (when you login) then access it from any channels (through apps and website).

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2. Windows Phones

Microsft is not left behind here. It also integrates the OneDrive cloud storage in its Windows Smartphones.

By default, the OneDrive is Built-in Cloud Storage App that allows users to save important files and documents from their phones and can be access at anytime, from any device (Windows PC, Windows Phones), and through Web (

Using the Windows Phones has been a best experience as most of the Windows Phones received the latest Windows 10 update.

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3. Google Pixel Phones

The Google Pixel Phones users enjoy full cloud storage especially when using the latest Google Pixel Smartphones released from 2019 up. Google offers an unlimited Google Drive storage space on recent Pixel phones from 2019.

Remember that Google Pixel is also an Android phone manufactured by Google, also the android OS that runs on smartphones by other manufacturers is own by Google.

But what makes Pixel Phones an outstanding from other Android manufacturers is the unlimited cloud storage Google offers on the latest once.

4. Samsung SmartPhones

Samsung is not left behind in this, it also has its own built-in cloud storage that every Samsung users can create or login to start backing up every important files and documents.

Users can access all their pictures, documents, and more on the Samsung cloud web ( and on any Samsung mobile device.

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5. Apple iOS Phones (iPhone and iPad)

Apple has always been an isolated speic when it comes to features and some designs. So there shouldn’t be any doubt that it also has its Built-in Cloud Storage features for all Apple users.

Apple’s cloud storage is called “iCloud“. Users are able to sync their documents and files across all of the iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. The program used to access these files is called iCloud Drive. Whereas, in iOS 11, the app is called Files.

6. Huawei Smartphones

Huawei is another giant phone manufacturing company. Apart from the Google Drive app pre-installed, it also has in-build cloud storage called “Mobile could” or “Cloud”.

You can backup your important files and documents on your mobile phone and still access them from the web. Huawei’s cloud official website is

Once you enable gallery data sync to securely and automatically sync your photos and videos to the cloud from any of your mobile devices. Easily to view, manage and download your photos and videos.

Do you have other Smartphones in mind that has its unique or customized Cloud storage which wasn’t listed here?

Please, share your thought in the comment box below.

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