Photoscape editor software

PhotoScape Editor – Latest version 2015 free download

Photoscape editor software
Get new version of PhotoScape. PhotoScape editor software is a simple program for editing, organizing photos. It is an offline photo editor. To download  PhotoScape editor software is free and once its downloaded successfully, its updates is automatically.

How to Download  PhotoScape editor software:

There are few recommended websites to download the new version of PhotoScape editor software, like;,, and which is the official website of PhotoScape editor software.

You can use  for PhotoScape editor for:

  • Editing photos of any sizes
  • Screen capture
  • Combine
  • Page maker
  • Color picker
  • Rename images
  • Print images
  • View image
  • Batch Editor

PhotoScape editor Software:

  1. Open the Installer – Locate the installer file and double click to open.Photoscape Editor run file
  2. Click ‘Yes’ or ‘Run’ – Authorize the installer using the security dialog
  3. Follow Installer Instructions – Read the instructions to setup your software.

Photoscape has functions to clone, crop, sharpen and decolor as well as settings for contrast, levels, vignetting and many other image parameters. Several templates allow to easily arrange photos on a page which can then be saved as a final image or be printed on paper.

Photoscape also includes capabilities for red-eye removal, batch editing (file names and image settings), converting camera RAW files, taking screenshots and generating GIFs, where several individual images can be combined to an animated GIF.


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