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Pinterest Business Account Setup Guide

Pinterest Business Account – Pinterest is becoming an increasingly attractive option for businesses when interacting with customers online. Especially if you offer products or services that are visually powerful, Pinterest can be a great tool. But if you’re not sure how to get started with Pinterest, the process might seem daunting.

If you’re a bit overwhelmed, fear not! Signing up for a Pinterest business account and setting up your first board is easier than you might think. Here’s a simple beginner’s guide to Pinterest. Let’s set you up for success on Pinterest. Here’s how to create a business account and start using our marketing tools.

How To Signup Pinterest Business Account

To sign up for a Pinterest business account, here is what to do.

  1. You need to first visit Pinterest’s business page and enter some basic information.
  2. The site will ask for your email, password, business name, type of business and your website.
  3. If you already have a personal Pinterest account that you want to use as your business’s account, you can also choose to convert it from that same page.

So after creating your account, what next?

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Login Pinterest Account

Now you have created your account, you can now login into the account you have created. All you need is your email and password to login. You can now go ahead and edit your account fully.

1. Add Your Details

Under your basic settings, you can edit your profile including your business name, picture, URL, description and location. It’s a good idea to add some keywords to your business name and description so that people who search on Pinterest or Google can easily find and follow you.

2. Confirm Your Website

Within that same section, there’s also a button that says “Confirm website.” This allows you to track the content that people pin from your site. So you just need to enter your website in that field and then click confirm. That will give you a code that you can enter on your own website. Once you’ve done that, click the “finish” button back on Pinterest and your business website should be confirmed. That gives you access to analytics about the content that is shared on Pinterest from your website.

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3. Connect Other Social Networks

The site also gives you the option of connecting your other social media accounts to your Pinterest business account. You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email. By doing so, you can have the option of posting some content from Pinterest right to your other pages, which allows for some easy cross promoting. But you can also use those different accounts to actually sign into Pinterest if that makes it easier for you.

4. Find Other Users to Follow

Following other users on Pinterest isn’t mandatory. But doing so gives you some networking opportunities. And it also makes it easier for you to repin content right from your Pinterest home page if you follow other users in your field. So you can search the other social media platforms you’ve linked to for connections that might also be on Pinterest, or just search for other people in your field on Pinterest and then follow them or their specific boards.

5. Get the Browser Button

You can also choose to get the “pin it” button for your browser. What this does is allow you to pin any content from any website you visit even if they don’t provide share buttons for sites like Pinterest. The “pin it” feature shows up as a small button on your browser’s toolbar. But it’s not required in order to use Pinterest, so you can choose to skip it if you like.

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Features Of Pinterest Business Account

Here are the features you get with this account.

  1. It’s free to sign up.
  2. You’ll get access to tools like Analytics and a special Business Profile.
  3. You’ll also get more control over things like branding and content attribution.
  4. Furthermore, you can sign up for a new account or upgrade your existing personal account to use business features. etc

Now, get to work!

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