PocketMoni Agent Registration: How to Create PocketMoni Agent Acct

PocketMoni Agent is the Mobile Money service offering of eTranzact, that enables you to create an e-wallet with your mobile phone to start to carry out series of transaction like making payments, fund transfer, as well as for receiving money, buying credit, and many more, while you make money too.

As a credible PocketMoni agent you make money for yourself or compnay by running the above listed ttracations in a strategic location.

PocketMoni charges a highly competitive rate making them one of the popular Mobile money service charging less.

You can carry out transactions through a POS terminal and your mobile phone (if you’ve downloaded the PocketMoni Mobile app).

To compare PocketMoni to other existing Mobile money services, PocketMoni offers numerous services that gives you more opportunity of making money. PLUS other benefits that many services don’t consider offering to their Agents (you will see them below).

On this page, you will learn every steps to follow in signing up as an Agent.

Requirements for PocketMoni Agent Registration

Already we have explained differently the steps to sign up for the PocketMOni Agent service, but there are information that are inevitable to provide, and that includes;

  • Guarantor’s Details (which includes his/her BVN, and bank details)
  • Your contact information (including phone number and BVN).
  • Means of identification.

Why PocketMoni Agent Service Is The Best Choice

You will be a privilege as an Agent to benefit through the following ways (but not limited to);

  • You’ll be entitled to 40% of the transaction fees charged to your registered users.
  • You’ll earn a minimum of N50 of the convenience fee paid by customers at your location as an agent.
  • You’ll earn N100 on PocketMoni card sold to users.
  • You’ll be earning N2,000 as a commission for every NERO referred by you.

And more to come…

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Pocket Moni Individual Agent Registration

This means opening a Pocket Moni agent account without have a registered business name. So to get started;

  1. Visit the main Pocket Moni Registration page – https://getpocketmoni.com/agentportal
  2. Select “Individual”.
  3. Fill in your personal details and select “Next”. The following inform\tion are required to complete this stage;
    – Full name,
    – date of Birth,
    – Gender,
    – BVN Phone number,
    – Selecting and uploading of ID card for identification,
    – Address and Nearest Bus Stop, and
    – The type of building you are in (whether it is a rented apartment, bungalow or flat)
  4. Fill in your Next of Kins Details and select the”Next” button below the form. Your next of kins is a second option to contact when the need arises.
    Also, the following information is required to fill in;
    – Full name of your next of Kins
    – Phone number
    – select Gender,
    – contact address,
  5. Then fill in Your Guarantor’s Details. The following information will be required to complete the PocktMoni Agent Guarantor’s form;
    – Guarantor’s name,
    – Guarantor’s BVN,
    – Guarantor’s Bank account and bank name,
    – Guarantor’s house address and location, and
    – Guarantor’s signature (to sign in a paper) for upload.

PocketMoni Agent Registration for Business Owner

  1. Go to the official website – https://getpocketmoni.com/agentportal
  2. Select “Business“.
  3. Fill in your business details. In the business details;
    – your business name,
    – CAC number,
    – TIN, phone number,
    – email address,
    – website (if any),
    – your business address,
    – Nearest Bus Stop, and
    – select your building structure (if your business building is a rented, flat or bungalow).
  1. Fill in Your Contact Details:

Your contact name, select and upload ID card for identification, your BVN, and office email address.

  1. Fill in the Guarantor’s Details.

The following information will be required to complete the PocktMoni Agent Guarantor’s form;

– Guarantor’s name,
– Guarantor’s BVN,
– Guarantor’s Bank account and bank name,
– Guarantor’s house address and location, and
– Guarantor’s signature to (sign in a paper) be uploaded.

Then Select the “Submit” button to submit your PocketMoni Agent Registration

Click on the button below to submit your Pocket Moni Agent application form.

Now you will get a congratulatory page, informing you that your application was successfully submitted, and is under review and that you will be contacted.

PocketMoni Agent POS Terminal

On the contrary, is faster to get a POS terminal from any distributing Agent around you. All you have to do is to locate the office around, then start by registering.

You may be asked to pay for the registration. While some won’t ask for that.

But you have to pay for the POS terminal. It’s cheap and affordable to apply for the PocketMoni Agent POST terminal.

The official price of the POst terminal (as at when this post was published) is N20,000 Only.

And you have the option to pay N10,000 to get it then you pay up the remaining when your terminal arrives.

This makes Pocket Moni easy and the cheapest way of getting your POS.


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