How To Post Job Ads On Careers24 Job Vacancy Portal

Careers24 ranks amongst the best online job vacancies sites in Nigeria. In fact, Careers24 is one of the best-known sites when it comes to delivering latest job vacancies. As a result, a lot of job seekers and recruiters patronize the portal. Today, i will sure you how to post job ads on careers24 job vacancy portal. It isn’t as hard as you would expect.

Before you post any job adverts on careers24, you will need to first create an account with them. We have treated that in details already. Careers24 has two different accounts. One is the job seekers account and the second is the employer account. So, if you wish to post a job ads on Careers24, you will need to create an employer account first.

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So, why not we do the first things first? Let’s show you how to create employer account on careers24 job vacancy portal.

How To Create Careers24 Employer Account

As we have already pointed out, the careesr24 employer account are for those who employ workers.

  1. Visit the Careers24 job vacancy portal; – for employers here.
  2. fill the application form. This includes the company name.
  3. After supplying all the needed information, you can then proceed.
  4. After you are done, then the next is to create account.

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How To Post Job Ads On Careers24

Let’s point out here that you can place your job ads on careers24 for free or for a fixed price. The free job ads doesn’t come with any advert. But, when you go with the premium option, Careers24 will run ads for that particular job you created.


  1. Log into your employer account.
  2. After inputting the necessary information on the vacancy page, the recruiter is prompted to “proceed” without payment or pick any of the Ad promotion packages – Highlights or Featured AD with prices attached to each.
  3. After picking any of the packages, the Recruiter is given a ‘Payment Option” – online transfer or via debit card.
  4. As soon as payment is made and notification is received by the appropriate representative of Careers24, the vacancy is then automatically activated.
  5. Just that easy.

How To Structure Job Ads on Careers24

To place an add on Careers24, there is a structure that you should follow to make sure your job ads is well place.

Headline: Attract attention by posting an accurate, professional title, and remain true to the position’s requirements to avoid applications from unsuitable candidates.

Company profile: Describe the company culture, mission and vision,and outline why it’s a great place to work, but be sure to keep this section brief. Ideally, link to the company’s page in our directory so job seekers can find out more about the company’s culture and prospects.

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Candidate requirements: Here is where you define the ideal candidate. Describe the soft skills and characteristics of the ideal candidate. Be truthful and clear, as this will also attract candidates who fit the requirements and discourage those who don’t.

Top Tip: In bullet point form list any mandatory requirements for the position, such as specific licenses or certificates, or experience required. Include the required educational qualifications too.

Call to action: Each and every job ad requires a call to action – essentially, this is where you urge applicants to apply for the position as soon as possible. This is also where you should include an application cut-off date.


Careers24 is beneficial to both the employer and the job seeker. If you followed this guide on How To Post Job Ads On Careers24, i’m sure you won’t have many problems. However, if you have any, kindly use the comment box below.

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