Prices of BlackBerry Smartphones at Slot Nigeria Shop

BlackBerry which is also refereed as BB is the second most used phone in the world. When counting most popular place to get good quality Smartphone – Slot Nigeria Limited store is one of them. That is why we are posting here “all Prices of BlackBerry Smartphones at Slot Nigeria Shop“, whether online or offline shops.

Recently, BlackBerry has lunched new smartphones which I believe most of you are yet to see it. You will not only see the latest BB smartphones but also know the Prices of BlackBerry Phones at Slot Nigeria.

We shall be presenting to you below (with pictures of the of BB smartphone to enable you easily make choice.


Here are Prices of BlackBerry Smartphones at Slot Nigeria Shop

Blackberry Q10 BLACK – ₦45,000.00

BLACKBERRY Q10 (WHITE) – ₦42,000.00

BlackBerry Q5 BLACK – ₦36,000.00

BLACKBERRY Q5 WHITE – ₦30,000.00

BLACKBERRY Z10 –  ₦40,000.00

BlackBerry Z30 – ₦51,000.00

Blackberry Z3 – ₦30,000.00

BlackBerry Classic – ₦79,000.00

BlackBerry Passport Black – ₦102,000.00

BlackBerry Passport White – ₦104,000.00

Blackberry Passport Silver Edition – ₦118,000.00

Blackberry Leap – ₦50,000.00


Latest prices would be updated every week and also when new phones are lunched we post their prices too.

Use the comment box below if the price of the BlackBerry phone you is not listed above.

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