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Procedures to Become a Sub-Dealer in Recharge Card Printing Business

As we speak, there are so many scam out there who clam to be a really Recharge Card Dealers. Must people fall victim of it – hoping that they have gotten a unique link to become a Sub-Dealer in Recharge Card Printing Business.

I am not happy about this.

Must people became victim because they thing that recharge card printing business is a mega way to make money very fast. They deceive them it that impression and they fall.

But for those that really want to take this business serious, here am going to show you how you the Procedures to Become a Sub-Dealer in Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria.

Before we start that, note the following;

  1. You can make Recharge Card Printing Business a big sources  of your income in life
  2. Recharge Card Pin dealers are very few in Nigeria. What you see around (most time) are Sub-Dealers in Recharge Card Printing Business. It requires Millions of Naira to start up as a Dealer – so that is why they are few in Nigeria.
  3. No dealer(s) will sell Pin as cheap as; for example MTN, GLO, Etisalat, Airtel = N100pin – for less than N89. The official price is usually ranging from N89 – N95 for N100 card, N190 – N195 for N200 card, etc.
  4. Any one can start the business
  5. You most NOT be a computer guru before you start the business
  6. You need Computer, Software, Printer, paper and your Capital to start the business successfully

How or Procedures to Become a Sub-Dealer in Recharge Card Printing Business

  1. You have to get list of dealers from Us. This are dealers that will give you what you are supposes to get. All you need to do is pay N4,000 only into any of the account listed below and them text your Name, Email address (very important), name of bank payment was made and teller number to 08032934651. I shall be listing the account later.
  2. The current list of Nigeria Recharge Card dealers (including their office address, Phone number, price list, etc) will be sent to the mail you have provided after payment.
  3. Contact any of them (or all the listed dealers and choose), go to their office, you will be required to create a business name immediately which will enable them to customize the software to your business name. So that as you print the card, your business name show in them.
  4. You will also the given Hand-Outs that will guild you on how to use the software, send pins to customers via phones, etc. Please note that you do not pay any money to create a business name.
  5. Now you are set to start as a Sub-Dealer in Recharge Card Printing Business

To get the current  list of reputable Dealers in Nigeria, make your payment into any of the account listed below:

Bank Name     – First Bank Plc
Account Number    – 3066151282

Bank Name     – GTBank Plc
Account Number    – 0149651074

Send (Via SMS) your Full Name, Email address, State and Teller Number to 08032934651.

The List of Dealers will be sent to your email address within 4hours after payment.

Please Note: Your current location does not matter here. All that matters is get the Dealers and providing to you what you need to succeed in the business. The Dealers will always reach to your location.

Good Luck.


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  1. how can I Start recharge card business with software


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