How To Produce Dettol In Nigeria Complete Guide

How To Produce Dettol In Nigeria Complete Guide

Dettol is a household name in Nigeria. Virtually everyone knows and uses or must have used Dettol in their home. In fact, it is possible you some quantity of dettol in your home right now. This goes to show the general acceptance and importance of Dettol in Nigeria. But, apart from using dettol for various reasons, do you know how to produce dettol in Nigeria? I doubt you do. That is why we have brought this complete guide for you. I am sure you will find it very helpful.

For the records, Dettol, is a very popular disinfectant used in bathing, scrubbing of tiles etc. It kills and prevents the spread of germs and bacteria within our home. Every Mom should endeavor to have this product in their houses and also use them regularly  to bath their children and clean the house.

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Also, It is added to water to wash clothes and fabrics, bath, clean kitchen utensils, used as an antiseptic to clean wounds. It is used as a germicide to kill harmful germs. As a germicide, it has bacteriologic and bactericidal modes of action.

How To Produce Dettol In Nigeria Complete GuideHow To Produce Dettol In Nigeria Complete Guide

We will show you how to produce Dettol in Nigeria. before then, here are the required ingredients for Dettol production in Nigeria.

1. Texapon

It is a foaming agent. It is basically a detergent that forms micelles. These micelles allow non-pillar or organic substances like oil to be dissolved in water.

2. Phenol

It is also called hydroxyl benzene. It is an aromatic compound which has a sweet smell. Phenol belongs to the group of alcohols. It is used in low concentration as a disinfectant in Dettol. It is also used as a mouth wash.

3. Chloroxylenol

It is the main antiseptic agent in Dettol. It has antibacterial  mode of action which makes it to kill germs  and reduce inflammation. In terms of percentage ingredient composition in Dettol, it is the largest have 48%. However, it  is important to be careful when using it. At higher concentration, it is known to cause rashes, inflammation of the face, mouth, itchy throat, tongue blisters, peeling of skin and difficulty in breathing.

4. Isopropyl Alcohol

Abbreviated as IPA, it is also one of the most important compounds required for  Producing Dettol.

5. Water

It is a universal solvent. It is the solvent used for dissolving and mixing all ingredients used for producing  Dettol.

6. Pine Oil

From the name, it  extracted from the  Pine tree. It is an a antiseptic and a disinfectant with a pleasant smell. When diluted in water, it forms a cloudy solution.

7. Colouring

It gives Dettol its characteristic colour.

8. Castor Oil

It functions chiefly to stabilize carbolic acid in the Dettol solution.

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How To Purchase These Ingredients

These materials can be procured from companies selling laboratory chemicals in Nigeria and abroad. Water is available everywhere.

How To produce Dettol

Please note that the quantity of ingredients to be added depends on the quantity of dettol you want to produce. So, let’s assume you want to produce one litre for a start. Here is the quantity to be used.

  1. Texapon=0.5 cup
  2. Chloroxylenol=1 cup
  3. Isopropyl Alcohol=0.5litres
  4. Water=1 litre
  5. Pine oil=0.5 cup
  6. Castor oil=.0.5 cup
  7. Colouring: Add quantity as desired
  8. Carbolic acid=0.5 cup

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Processes & Methods

  • Get an empty bowl or a container.
  • Pour Texapon and pine oil into the empty container. Then stir the two together to mix them well.
  • Afterwards, add Phenol and stir to mix thoroughly.
  • Next is to add Chloroxylenol and stir to mix thoroughly.
  • Add Carbolic acid to the mix and stir to mix thoroughly.
  • Add water to the mixture and stir to ensure thorough mixing of the ingredients. Please, add the one that will be just enough for the one you are producing.
  • Next, add IPA to the mixture and stir thoroughly.
  • Add colouring as desired and dissolve in water before adding to the mixture. Note that colouring should be added last.
  • Allow the mixture to settle for some time before packaging into bottles.
  • That is all.
  • Note: To test the Dettol produced, pour some of the prepared Dettol into a bucket of water and wait to see if a white cloudy solution is formed.

How To Monetize Dettol Production

Now you have known how to produce dettol in Nigeria, you can make money from this.

  1. You can package this product using your unique brand name and start selling. Since dettol can be used in schools, churches, offices, workplaces, homes etc, you already have a good market to sell to.
  2. You can also grow in your knowledge of this and start a skill coaching school, where you gather people and teach them for a fee.

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Finally, we have given you enough ideas on How To Produce Dettol In Nigeria Complete Guide. It is your turn. Did you find this very helpful? Why not take few seconds and drop your comments below?

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