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Most Profitable Instagram Niches You Should Join Now

One of the best thing you can do for yourself in online and digital marketing is to find a profitable niche and build a community around it. Truthfully, anyone can succeed online if only they have the right knowledge and doggedly implement them. In this work, we will be showing the best and most profitable Instagram niches you can join in today and build a community.

Before you discourage yourself, let me point out few things here. You don;t need to have any particular product to sale before you can use Instagram. People sale services, products and also sell other people’s product: affiliate marketing. You can see how to start affiliate marketing without a website.

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Instagram is the best social media platform for businesses and brands as it enjoys more engagement than any other social media. More and more businesses and individuals are getting on this platform. We want to show you the most lucrative and profitable Instagram niches you can bank on.

How To Make Money On Instagram

You may be wondering, how can i even make money on Instagram if i have no physical products to sale? One of the things you must realise is that most highly followed Instagram accounts do not often have a product to sale, at least, at the beginning. There are many other ways they can use to generate income. And they include:

  1. Selling shoutouts or uploads of advertisements for other brands.
  2. Driving traffic to a product and earning commission. Also known as affiliate marketing.
  3. Selling your own product perhaps, through either drop-shipping or a digital product such as an online course or eBook.
  4. You can also grown an account to a certain number of followers and sell it off.

That settled, let’s now look at the most profitable niches on Instagram today.

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Most Profitable Instagram Niches

Below are the top 5 Instagram niches you can find anywhere.

1. Fitness

Fitness is the first on our list of Profitable Instagram Niches. It is massive on Instagram. It’s by far the easiest to get into, yet one of the hardest to sell in due to the saturation of the market. There are thousands of fitness brands out there. With new ones ready to spend money on Instagram influencers (that will be you) to gain exposure for their product. This means huge potential for you to grow your Instagram followers, and then make money for uploading adverts for these brands.

You can decide to be more specific by picking a sub-niche to focus on. Some of the Fitness sub-niches include:

  1. CrossFit
  2. Yoga
  3. Snowboarding
  4. Skateboarding
  5. Gym/Weightlifting (popular)
  6. Cycling
  7. Swimming
  8. Baseball
  9. Basketball
  10. Football
  11. Soccer
  12. Tennis / Table Tennis
  13. Volleyball
  14. Golf
  15. Rugby
  16. Cricket

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2. Health

With junk food, low activity desk jobs, stress, and health problems these days, people are having issues with their weight and depression. Teenagers are always comparing their selves with celebrities, models and public figures with smoking bodies.

So they want to be more fit and healthy. So following an Instagram account that shares tips and tricks about it seem significant to them. I know you are thinking ” its just an oversaturated niche and there is no room for more accounts.” But that’s not true. There is always an open opportunity on fitness niche because people will always want to know hacks on staying healthy and in shape.

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3. Beauty, Luxury/Lifestyle

Makeup artists and hairstylists make a lot of money by reviewing makeup products and sharing tips. You can do it too! The key is self-expression. Find a fresh angle, think outside of the box, find a new way for makeup, be creative and unique. Maybe you have some tricks that you learned by yourself, like contouring or covering birthmarks, you can use it on Instagram to help others too.

Maybe you have problem skin and know a ton of hacks for successfully covering ache, or you’ve got a knack for recreating high-end looks on a low-end budget.

Some accounts under this niche focus on

  1. Super Cars
  2. Super boats/Yachts
  3. Watches or Jewelry
  4. Clothing (Street, Runway, Nightlife, Fashion)
  5. Travel (Hotels, Locations)
  6. Homes / Buildings / Pools

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4. Travelling

The phrase “how to become a travel blogger” was one of the highest searched terms in 2017. But not everyone wants to run a full-blown blog. Luckily, you can still get paid to travel if your feed inspires just the right amount of wanderlust. All you need to do is get super niche.

Most of the people dream about traveling the world on their life, but there are only a few who can actually do it. So instead they are following people who do this on Instagram and feed this urge by looking at their posts and knowing about their experiences. You don’t even have to be a traveler yourself; you can post about countries around the world, nature, culture, location and some traveling tips.

Sub Niches Include

  1. Campers
  2. Backpackers
  3. Business travelers
  4. Van life
  5. Rock climbers
  6. Camping with dogs

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5. Business/Making Money Online

Everyone always is looking to make their financial situation better. Therefore, business is a great category on Instagram. It’s also an evergreen niche. Meaning that it has everlasting appeal—people will always want to make money. Therefore, accounts focused on improving the financial lives of others are awesome for being profitable.

No matter your market is up, down or sideways. People always want to know about making an extra dollar. You don’t need to have a fortune 400 company; you only have to know enough to be able to teach people about how far you have come. Maybe you know a formula for getting traffics on the internet, or you can help people with their startups, as long as you can help people achieve their business goals, you will be able to thrive in this niche.

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There are other very Profitable Instagram Niches. But, these 5 are the most profitable you can find out there. So, good luck as you jump in.

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