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QuickTeller Registration: Create New Quickteller Account with Mobile and PC Free | www.QuickTeller.com

Quickteller.com is a great platform convenient and secure for online transactions like; buying airtime, making payments, send and receiving money.

It is a wide known partform that seamlessly allows you to send money to anyone from any banks. You can also reveive money, pay bills from your Quickteller account either through your mobile phone or Computer.

Quickteller services are also available via its official website www.quickteller.com, Quickteller mobile App, bank ATMs, merchant locations, and via your bank’s internet banking portals. So you see, things have become even more easiles than you thought.

This page has concentrated to discus every information and steps for completing QuickTeller Registration. It doesn’t matter if you want to use mobile phone or your PC, all steps for different platforms/devices is shown below.

You can do a whole lots of things with your Quickteller account once created, do stuffs like;

So lets get started…

About www.QuickTeller.com Website

The www.QuickTeller.com is the official website where user can create an account, login, and do all that has been explained on the intro.

It’s not necessary you must use a PC to access the site, No! Even with your mobile browser, you can access www.QuickTeller.com just like its platform on PC.

About Quickteller Mobile App

The Quickteller app is also convenient and an alternative to access your account. Quickteller APK App can be downloaded on Android and iPhone for Free.

From the app also, just like you can create account, login and carry out your desrie task so you do on your app.

Just that the App gives you more freedom to access your account anything and anywhere.  You should click to download the Quickteller App right away here.

QuickTeller Registration Online Form

QuickTeller registration form
This is screen capture of Quickteller registration form from the official website.

On mobile and PC;

  1. Log on to https://www.quickteller.com
  2. Click on the sign up button to open the registration form
  3. On the form, your full name, email address, phone number password and a Referrer. In the Referred by ______ kindly add our email address: “dailyaimltd.official@gmail.com” or phone number; “08054094792” this is simply that we will be given a reward for referring you and you also will have free server cost fee for the first 3 transactions you carry out on your account and cash alert (in your Quickteller account). Complete the form and click “CONTINUE”.
  4. Now your registration is successful. But one more thing to complete your online registration Login your email account to see your activation code sent to your an email by Quickteller
  5. Get the code and enter it in the box provided. then click “CONTINUE” Yoy can click on the resend activation code if yours is yet to arrive.
  6. Click on the click provided to redirect you to QuickTeller account showing a notification that your account is now active. Now you are done.
  7. You can click on “COUNTINUE” to start setting up your “Quickteller eWallet” or you can skilp to do that later.

Meanwhile, this is where your registration ended. other setups like eWallet, adding credit card, adding bank accounts, etc… all this comes after, and can be setup anytime you want to.

Setting Up QuickTeller eWallet

The first step here is to verify your mobile phone number which you have added during the registration. Already your phone number appears because you already provided it in the QuickTeller Registration form. Click on “CONYINU” if thephone number displayed is correct.

Please note that you have the opportunity to change it now in case it’s not correct.

Now you should have gotten an SMS containing the verification code you should use. Wait a little while for the code, sometime it may delay to arrive (just like that of email verification)

You can also apply for resend of another code (by clicking “Try Again”) if after a while you still haven’t received the code via SMS.

After you entered the code sent you, you will get/see a notification that your mobile phone number has been verified.

Now you create a PIN called ecash PIN. This is an access code required to complete a transaction. Take for instance you’re recharge or paying bill via Quickteller, once you have entered all necessary information then last thing will be the eCash Pin to complete or authenticate the approval of such transaction.

Click the save to finish the eWallet setup. Now you are good to go…

Quickteller.com Mobile Account Sign Up

To get started here you need to download the app first. See how to download Quickteller app for iOS and Android here.

After you have downloaded the app, launch (tap the icon to open) it.

Then tap the Sign Up button. You should see the form. The requirements is also the same with signing up via the website.

complete the form using the guides above, and use the same steps to setup your eWallet account.

Hope this page was helpfull?

Stay turn or check other of our resources (on this page) to learn how to use this same platform send money either via ATM, Banks, App, Site, using  USSD and lots more…

Kindly use the comment box below in case of any question. Or you can say something let others know what your thoughts are regarding the QUICKTELLER ACCOUNT.

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