R and S Lotto Results Today 2018 Check

A Big Congratulations To all R and S Lotto Results Today Winners with Direct or #2DIRECT and others. Meanwhile,  Enugu & Anambra Lotto World of Contribution R & S Lotto is not the only thing you will be seeing here in this post.

But if you are among those searching for Enugu Lotto Result Today, R and S Lotto Onitsha, R and S Lotto Game, R&S Lotto result today 2018, R and S Lotto Empire, R and S Lotto Result today 2018, R and S Lotto winning number and R and S Lotto prediction then check this below…

R and S Lotto Results Today for All winners is what we’ll be showing you here in this post. So take your time to go through them.

R and S Lotto Results Today winners for Enugu, Anambra & International

Here are the R and S Today Lotto Results for most states. check them out below:

FFN: 09-27-26-43-45
XTRA: 67-52
LFN: 46-25-18-83-55

FFN: 41-08-11-77-44
LFN: 14-22-53-37-30

FFN: 08-86-74-83-57
XTRA: 29-20
LFN: 19-40-18-77-16

FFN: 17-87-86-42-61
XTRA: 11-22
LFN: 85-14-50-67-08

Anambra sp
First five: 80 76 38 32 84
Xtra 6: 25
Xtra 7: 58
Last five: 78 11 53 33 21

Cross-river special
First five:24-26-08-37-17
Extra 6:03
Extra 7:78
Last five:44-45-35-81-43


FFN: 58-52-84-86-11
XTRA: 60-30
LFN: 82-08-45-62-85


FFN: 33-20-64-10-12
XTRA: 53-13
LFN: 18-21-55-17-58


FFN : 13-74-36-49-76
XTRA : 43-68
LFN: 89-23-90-16-52


XTRA: 46-54
LFN: 19-85-67-59-26

Please note that we love to know how happy you are about this R&S Lotto Results Today winners for Enugu, Anambra (Onitsha), International and others. So, kindly use the comment box below.



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