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Recharge Card Printing | Download Recharge Card Software | Dealers Contacts
Recharge Card Printing

Recharge Card Printing | Download Recharge Card Software | Dealers Contacts

So many of us have been search for how to start recharge card voucher print business in Nigeria, they say that; “Information is power“, and that is why I have to to give you this piece of information that will guide through to start Recharge Card Printing in Nigeria.

But let me start by tell you that the use of POS Print Machine is no more working out, because of so many disadvantages of the machine.

Disadvantages of Using POS Print Machine for Printing Voucher card and Why A4 Paper Recharge Card Printing Machine is better;

  • The POS machine uses the ATM paper-type for printing, of which we all know that when we collect that paper from the ATM, it take about 1hour to find out that every printed word on it is no more. This is what happens when you use it for recharge card printing business. Losing PINs and money all the time.
  • The Machine is too expensive to afford and when faulty, its likely not to be repairable
So why not go for the normal A4 Printing Machine (Colour Printer or Black & White Printer)? Every one are dropping their POS machine and going for this (A4 Printing Machine)
We are NOT giving out software, ONLY the dealers does that. SO what we offer here is Dealers Contacts (office address, Phone number, price information, other info about them)

How to Get RECHARGE CARD PRINTING & Dealers Contacts

To get the dealers contact, Make your payment of N4,000 only into any  account number listed below;

FIRST BANKBank: First Bank plc
A/C NO: 3066151282


GTBankBank: GTBank plc
A/C No: 0149651074

Text you Name (depositor’s name), a Valid Email address and Teller Number to 08032934651.
But if you are making payment through ATM transfer, Mobile Banking or Internet Banking, then you do not need sending any Teller number since there will be no teller for the transaction.
I will be sending you the Dealers Contact List, containing their Office address, Phone number, price details and other information we got about them. Once the payment is made.

How to Start Recharge Card Printing or Voucher Card Printing Business in Nigeria

What Next After Getting Dealers Contacts?
  1. Dealers Contacts – contact the dealers via the mobile number sent to you
  2. Going to Dealers Office –  You will be ask to come down to the office
  3. Requirement Need by the Dealers – while going there, you go along with your Computer
  4. Creating A New Recharge Card Print Printing Business Name – you will be asked to create a Business name, which will be use to customize the software they will be installing in your computer so that as you print the card – your business name appears on each of them, this will make your business gain popularity. Also you are creating the business name to enable the dealers know who you are in case you need any further attention they will know you  are part of them. Note: Creating of business name is free but the software is not free
  5. How to Use Recharge card Printing Software – Still in the office you will be thought on how to use the software print all Network, also a menu will be given to you and you will run a life piratical when you get there. In case you get back home/your office and you forgot any of the step again, they will be able to assist you via phone calls , so no need going back to the office again.
  6. How To Make Order for Pins – At this point the dealers customer care service (who has been attending to you all this while) will now educate you on how to make order/purchase PINs, for example if incase you are using Direct Deposit, Mobile Banking, or Internet Banking. They will tell you what to send, the format to send your information, including the list of networks and denomination (which you have paid for) after payment.
  7. Educating you About There Rules  – This rules help to protect your interest and the interest of the dealers aswell. They will tell you all that too.
  8. Going Back How to Start Business –  Once all this steps is completed and you know them, you now need to go back home to start the business.

Please note that you need the following to start recharge card  printing;

  • A Computer (Laptop or Desktop)
  • Printing Machine (Colour Printer or Black & White Printer)
  • A4 Paper
  • Software (which will be given to you and installed by the dealer ONLY)
Use the comment box below if you have any questions to ask us.

Good Luck.


  1. l am still confused about how much l will make if am to start with #50,000 to get d e- pins

    • You don’t have to calculate it that way, because every networks has their prices.

  2. Am not doubting your company nor have double mind but i want to be 100% sure that after all this: computer, printer, A4 paper and epin are available that i will start up the business without stories.
    I said this because of my last experience which it was after i might have done all the requirement like paying for dealers information, downloaded the software, paying for the software’s activation code, buying the printer (Laserjet) buying of computer. And what baffles me is that i had the money to buy the epin, but as i went to the dealer they gave me their information, they denied of selling epin which made me to be much confused.
    Please i need your assistance via
    Name: Cajethan Igboke
    Number: 08140902103
    Email: cajennukwu@yahoo.com
    State: Ebonyi
    Reply to me please

    • Well, every thing you see on this page is real and what services will listed to render still remains. So if some dealers denied you then you just went through a wrong dealer out there.

      The truth is that not every one who clam to be “a dealer” is, that is why we do not work with multitude, instead we work with very few that will give their subscribers (Sub-dealers) what they want and how they want it too. SO try us and see. Thanks.

  3. Hi, I have desk top computer, do I need to carry this to the dealer?

    • YOU NEED NOT DO that cos there are various means the software can be pass across to you:
      1. sending to your email, in a zip file format.
      2. using the official website to download it. Then call for the activation of the software.

      All that you need right now is get the contacts of reliable dealers in Nigeria and you are set to start your recharge card business as a sub-dealer with a minimum of N9,600

  4. Hi, is this info new or old?

    • it’s still current.

  5. Please i reside in Niger State, would love to start the business, ASAP 08138140774.

  6. Mr. Paul, we offer a list of recharge card dealers in Nigeria. 24/7 reliable and always affordable. Best price you will NEVER get from other who claims to be dealers. We have made available procedures to get all you need to successfully get started on the business.

  7. How can I get de contact

    • This is why we are here, we offer the dealers contacts PLUS FREE EBOOKS to guide you through (from starter to PRO). So use the account information on the page to make your payment of N4,000 then send your name and email address only.

      The dealers’ contacts (names, office address, phone numbers, and price info) will be sent to your email a few hours after the payment (same day).

      You can pay via internet banking, mobile banking, direct deposit or transfer. Please do feel free to whatsapp me whenever you have any questions regarding dealers and printing of recharge card.

      Good luck.


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