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How To Record Your Webcam With VLC

Almost everyone has the VLC app on their PC. Unfortunately, this wonderful application is underused. VLC is popularly known as a Video player. The app can play virtually all manner of videos and audio files. However, few know they can use this app to do a webcam. Apart from being used to play and watch video and audio files, we want to show you how to record your webcam with VLC. We will be detailed in our guide here.

Some of the functions that the VLC can be used for include video editing, podcasting, desktop capturing, video format conversion etc. The recording function in VLC can be turned on and off at will, or switched to a set and forget mode. This allows you to use the feature for a number of purposes, including studying your own abilities on camera, setting up a temporary security feed (hard drive space allowing), or just making a video for the Web. Check out these steps for how to record your webcam with VLC.

How To Record Your Webcam With VLC

Below are the steps you can use to record webcam with VLC.

  1. To get started, launch VLC and go to the View tab and check Advanced Controls. That will put an extra toolbar with a record button to the lower-left corner of the app. How To Record Your Webcam With VLC 1
  2. Next, go to Media > Open Capture Device.How To Record Your Webcam With VLC 2
  3. Now, keep Capture mode as “DirectShow” and choose your video camera and audio input device from the drop-down menu. Depending on your setup you’ll have different audio and video devices, just choose the correct ones accordingly. How To Record Your Webcam With VLC 3
  4. Another thing you might want to do here is select the Advanced Options button and plug in a specific framerate for the video. Somewhere around 30fps will usually do a good job and keep the video file size down. You might need to experiment with this a couple of times to get the quality of video you want.How To Record Your Webcam With VLC 4
  5. Once you have your audio and video input devices selected and tuned the frame rate, head down and click the Play button. How To Record Your Webcam With VLC 5
  6. You will then see yourself or whatever you have the camera pointed at in the main window. To start recording, hit the Record button on the toolbar you added earlier.
  7. To stop recording, hit the Record button again or the Stop button to completely close out of the recording session. You will find your recordings in your local Videos folder on your PC saved as AVI files.

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