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How to Recover SKYPE Password | Create New SKYPE Password

This page is covering on ” How to Recover SKYPE Password ” or  “Create New SKYPE Password“, for those who are finding it hard recovering their SKPYE account and those who already thought that their account can’t be gotten back again.

This moment and now, you will get your new SKYPE account by either resetting your account or creating new account… any of this process will bring back your SKYPE account profile again.

 How to Recover SKYPE Password Desktop (PC) and Mobile Phone (smartphones)

At first you should know that you most have a valid email address during your creation of new SKYP account, because when ever you want to reset your password or create a new password your email address will be required for such task.

  • On your phone or PC, lunch your browser (for example Mozila, or chrome, opera, etc) and logon to www.skype.com
  • Since you do not know your password anymore, you don’t have to start filling the login form, just click the link below “Problems signing in?skype login
  • Now enter your “Email address” you  had use to registered with Skypeskype login 2
  • Choice the I forget my password and click nextskype login 3
  • Another page will still have to open again for you to enter your “email address” or “Mobile phone number”. By doing this Microsoft will be able to help you reset your password and security info also.recover account password
  • Now you need to log on to your email address account and click on the message sent to you from skype or sometimes the page might open directly for you to reset your password account. So you do that.
  • Make sure choosing a password you can always remember.

I hope you understand very steps above. Please ensure to use the comment box below if you face any challenges again.


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