Refrigerator Exploded and injured 5 People in Lagos State

Yesterday refrigerator exploded and injured 5 people in Lagos State, inside a  beer parlour that is yet to open along L and K road in Oworonsoki area.

This tragedy occur during relaxation time (2.00pm) in the afternoon. The injury which was counted to be 5 people, also female were among the number.

As soon as the incident occurred, the area was thrown into confusion with the residents thinking the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram had struck and many of them reportedly took to their heels but the development was later confirmed to be that domestic explosion possibly from a refrigerator.

One of the eyewitnesses, Mr. Akin Oluwafemi, a resident of the area narrated thus, “I was standing some few metres away from the point of the blast. I just came back from the church service when suddenly, I heard a loud noise, immediately, I knew it was a blast.

Officials of fire service and policemen were still trying to find out the cause of the explosion as the shop was locked at the time of the incident.

But a crowd, which surged to the scene were said to be impeded the work of the service men and the police.

An official of the National Emergency management Agency had to appeal to the people to leave the area to allow his men to do their job.

The place is densely populated so, a huge crowd rushed out when they saw smoke  from the fire. There is heavy presence of policemen there now and they are making frantic efforts to control the crowd.


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