How To Register For Marriage In The USA – Obtain US Marriage License

It is part and parcel of the US law for intending couples to obtain US Marriage license. No one gets married in the US without having a marriage license. This is why it is important to know how to register for marriage in the USA. Of course, It is important that the license is obtained before the wedding, whether the couple chooses to have a religious ceremony or a civil ceremony. So, we will guide you on that.

Before you Register For Marriage In The USA to Obtain US Marriage License, you must know that the rules, practices and principles vary from one state to the other. So, it is important to understand the specific rules guiding the particular state you choose to get married in. However, this guide here is a general rule from which the different states derive their own principles.

How To Register For Marriage In The USA

Below are everything you will need to know/do to register your marriage in the US.

Requirements Needed To Obtain US Marriage License

Like we pointed out earlier, each state have their unique requirements. However, the the differences will occur in the following areas.

  1. Documents and applications required
  2. Residency requirement
  3. Waiting period and duration
  4. Blood test requirement
  5. Minimum age requirement to marry with or without parent/guardian consent
  6. Marriage license validity and length.

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How To Apply For A License

1. Fill The Application Form: Usually, the application could be done at the county or city level depending on the state. The application is often available online from the arm of the government responsible. For example, in states like Washington and California, you go to the website or the office of the county assessor to get a “road map” for the application process. You can sometimes find fillable forms on the website and, more often, forms you can download and print.

So, you are expected to fill the form you must have been given by the assessor or you downloaded online.

2. Sign The Filled Application Form: In some states, you and your spouse-to-be can each sign the application before a notary and mail it in, but in other states you must actually appear, both of you, and sign the application before an official at the office.

3. Provide Required Documents & Means Of Identification: Also, you must prove your identity and date of birth. A driver’s license or passport takes care of this. You might be asked to provide a certified copy of a divorce decree or a certificate of death if one of you had a prior marriage that ended in divorce or the death of the spouse. Some jurisdictions require you to produce a Social Security card.

4. Get Your Witness: Furthermore, there may be the need for a witness. This is not required in all states. Then, you have to pay the fees. The fees is often between $20-$50. Some few states may charge a bit higher than this.

5. Accept Your License: Finally, Some licenses require a three-day waiting period before you can use them. Others can be used immediately when you get them.

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Marrying A Non-US Citizen

Marrying a non-US citizen is not really totally different or too cumbersome in registration. The requirements would slightly vary. So, here is all you need to know about marrying a non-US citizen.

Individuals who have their documents written in other languages apart from English language must first and foremost, ensure the document is translated to English language. Certified translated documents are required to start the marriage license process.

Furthermore, the non-U.S. citizen must determine if his or her home country requires other special documents aside from the marriage certificate before the home country can recognize his or her marriage. Accordingly, the individual should contact his/her national embassy to see if they have the requirements needed by their home country. The embassy could provide assistance to the citizen in the document preparation required for submission when applying for a marriage license.

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Requirements For Non-US Citizens

The following documents are usually required when you want to Register For Marriage In The USA with a non-US citizen. They include

  1. ID with photo (could be a passport or driver’s license)
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Proof of residence and/or citizenship
  4. Applicants who have been widowed or divorced – a certified copy of the death certificate or divorce decree
  5. Applicants not meeting the minimum age requirement – depending on the age of the minor, a written consent of a judge or parent/s
  6. Blood or medical test results
  7. Proof of license fee payment

We have given a detailed analysis on how to Register For Marriage In The USA. You can now use this guide a obtain US marriage license today.

Questions and comments can be dropped on the comment box below and we shall attend to them.

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