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Register New Zealand Yahoo Mailbox Account >Here<
New Zealand Yahoo Email Sign Up form
This is a screenshot of the New Zealand Yahoo Email Sign Up form

You’re here because you want to create a Yahoo New Zealand Email account. This page will deliver all the confusing steps that you may have been facing.

Or if this will be your first time then you have to carefully follow the steps to complete the New Zealand Yahoo Email Sign Up form

Generally, creating Yahoo email account has always been free all the way. It doesn’t matter the country you’re signing up from. All that matters is your Phone number for the account verification because that is what shows the country you are creating the account from.

Same process applies using YahooMail Mobile phone App.

Same Platform, Same account, same interface and same features.

In case your intent is to create the New Zealand Email account with mobile phone, then follow this >>LINK HERE<< because the page discuses in fully details steps on Yahoo Mobile Registration for new Account.

How to Create or Register New Zealand Yahoo Mailbox Account

The official registration page still remains www.yahoomail.com. But to land directly into the New Zealand page use https://nz.yahoo.com/.

Enter your name, password, new email to register. All you do is enter your desired ID -while Yahoo ends it with @yahoo.com. So you don’t have to enter the @yahoo.com because it definatly going to end with every ID you input.


From the drop-down menu select your country. And every country enlisted is accompanying with its code.

So for New Zealand, you should select – New Zealand (+64)

Register New Zealand Yahoo Mailbox Account >Here< 1

The next box to the Yahoo Country code is for you to enter your New Zealand Phone number. Please note that you don’t have to start the number anymore with +64 or 64 – since you Yahoo already done that for you as you select your country you are living.

It is very necessary to provide a valid phone number because Yahoo will surely be sending verification code to complete your New Zealand Yahoo Mail registration.

Enter your Date of birth and Gender. And click “Continue” button.

The next page request that you confirm the phone number once again and apply for a verification code to be sent to your phone via SMS.

Once the code arrives (in few seconds) enter it to complete the Registration of  New Zealand Yahoo Mailbox Account.

Congratulations! you just created a new account. Now Login and send composing mails, send out mails, receive emails, start saving files and more.

See All New Zealand Yahoo Sites or pages:

-Yahoo News  New Zealand – https://nz.yahoo.com
Yahoo Mailbox New Zealand Login –  Here
Yahoo Mailbox New Zealand Sign Up Form/Page – Here

Next time you wanna Login your Account, access the login page (available above) then enter your Yahoo ID and password. And click the Login button.

Use our comment box below in case any challenges arises at your end. We are always here to replay and assist you the best we can.

Also, share this page to all NewZealand that wants to create New YahooMail Account Fast.


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