Register As A Seller In UBA Marketplace Fair 201

The UBA Marketplace fair 2019 is a trade fair event organised by the United Bank for Africa PLC. This event is poised to bring together diverse buyers and sellers from all over Nigeria to Abuja. Every savvy business owner knows that this event is one they shouldn’t overlook. This guide will be showing you everything you need to do to get on this platform to advance your business.

This UBA marketplace fair 2019 is not just for Nigerians. Business brands and owners will be coming from many African countries to participate in this. This is a whole new opportunity to network with like-minded business owners.

About UBA Marketplace Fair 2019

Let’s start with the date of the event. This event will hold on the 26-27th of July 2019 at Transcorp Hilton Hotel, 10am-10pm.

Why Register For UBA Marketplace Fair 2019?

This marketplace offers you lots of opportunities. They include the following:

  1. You will reach a large market of interested buyers using the internet.
  2. Your online payment system will be of high-level security. The UBA marketplace is PCIDSS compliant.
  3. Also, you can easily auto-post your products to your Facebook Page and sell from there.
  4. You will also be guaranteed of constant support from the UBA team.
  5. You can as well create short URL and share with prospective customers.

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How To Register As A Merchant On UBA Marketplace

  1. Click on this registration portal and fill the registration form.
  2. Then, select as “merchant” and click on “Book a seat”.
  3. Then, follow any other information that you may need to follow.

UBA Merchant Store

Creating the UBA merchant form will earn you a UBA merchant store. This is a store where you can host your products to sell online. Given the continental reach of UBA, you are really guaranteed of international exposure to your business.

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All payment and delivery made on UBA marketplace will be handled by DHL. This logistics agency is in charge of delivering your products to those who make orders. They will approach you and get the products to deliver for you.

Please note that you will be charged 2% per transaction fee on the UBA marketplace online portal.

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Who Markets Goods On The Marketplace?

There are many initiatives adopted by the bank to aid marketing. They include the following.

  1. The UBA marketplace is optimised to appear on search engines.
  2. There will be corporate gifts and loyalty cards that will increase sales.
  3. Also, products and services on the platform will be advertised on their social media platforms.
  4. There will be online campaigns that will drive awareness to the marketplace.
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