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Registration Form of RediffMail – How to Create A New Rediff Mail Account Free

RediffMail allows you to create a free email account which has a @rediffmail.com. Once the account is created you can always access the account of any devices.

The rediffmail allows you to send and receive emails, you also have availability to save files right in your account.

With the Rediffmail ID, you can log in on other platforms of the same company, just like Google account, Microsoft account and Yahoo account¬† – “One Login for all accounts” as they always say.

Use the steps below to create your account fast.


Enter RediffMail Registration Page

To create a free rediffmail account visit  Рhttps://register.rediff.com/ or ww.rediff.com

If you’re opening the “Pro” account then visit – https://businessemail.rediff.com/


How to Create A New Rediff Mail Account Fast

  1. Once you have landed on the official website, locate the Sign In or Login button, while some of the pages like www.rediff.com you will have to click either “Create a Rediffmail account” or you click on Rediffmail envelop listed among top menus.

2. Fill Rediffmail registration Form

on the form you will have to enter your full name and your ID. Please note that once you have created this account your email comes as YourName@rediffmail.com.

Take for example; your name was Joy Smit and your ID is jobsmit123@rediffmail.com.

But the system has to check if the ID you have chosen is available, so you have to click on the button “Check Availability” and once no one else using that ID you see a green message at the top of the form;

Yippie! The ID you’ve chosen is available.

That means you can continue with otrher part of the form.

Enter and reenter your password – to confirm that it matches.

If you have alternative email you can aswell provide it. This is If in case you forget your password, Rediffmail will send it to the account.

Enter your phone number and select the country of your location. Please note that by default the site will display your location’s country code, by you can always use the drop-down arrow to select in case the one display isn’t correct. Likewise the country too.

Make sure to Enter the text shown above. This proves you are human creating rediffmail account.

Then click on”Create My Account”

3. Verify Your Account

You verify your account with the code sent to your phone number via SMS. Once that is done, BOOM… your account is completely created and you may start sending and receiving emails.


How to Retrieve Rediffmail Account Password or Reset it

Remember your alternative email and phone number are basically to help you regain access to your account whenever you forget your login password.

All you do is access the login page and click on forget password.

You got THREE steps to create a new password:

Once you enter your email ID, then confirm it’s you by using the verification method, then you create a new password… and that’s it!



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