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Reliable & Cheap Borehole Drilling Engineers in Nigeria – Contact Addresses

In Nigeria, Drilling Borehole is technical and requires an experienced and reliable enginers to handle it. We have gotten so many cases whereby after successful Borehole drilling its works perfectly for the owner and few weeks and months later, stories come up that either pumping machine stopped working or sand blocked it from functioning.

During my conversation with one of the experiences Engineers in Nigeria that I know regarding “Borehole Drilling, ” he made me understand that there are factors they consider before Drilling Borehole.

So on this page, am not only going to be sharing to you contacts of “Reliable & Cheap Borehole Drilling Engineers in Nigeria” but will also share some ideas some of this engineers shared with me, which includes;

  • types of Borehole Drilling and factors considered in the selection
  • types of pumping machine and why you should select the perfect one for you.

Contacts of Reliable Borehole Drilling Engineers in Nigeria

#1.  Name: Mr. Mavis Paul

Phone number: 08026457631 or 08037917205
Profession: Engineer

#2.  Another Company/Agent I want to describe here has a website and contact information on it.

Contact Number: +234 803 9422 997 , +234 809 0111 175

Meanwhile, always feel free to Call Mr Mavis, ask any questions or for directions and advice.

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Types of Borehole Drilling Applied In Nigeria

  • Manual Borehole drilling
  • Heavy Duty Borehole drilling

Manual Borehole Drilling System

The Manual Borehole drilling system is a non-mechanized way of drilling borehole. It’s cheaper and takes time to achieve goals. But despite the fact that its cheaper in price, not all areas can use it. What I mean is that there are factor needed to consider before selecting the Manual Borehole drilling, this includes;

  • Level or depth of water (most importantly).
  • Rocky areas can’t use Manual Borehole drilling (most importantly).

Heavy Duty Borehole Drilling System

The Heavy Duty Borehole drilling system is the mechanized way of drilling borehole. But it’s more expensive, besides, not every part of Nigeria needs the Heavy Duty, Borehole. Using this system depends on the depth and rocky of the place.

Any professional Engineer should be able to advise and guide and deploy the best method to use in your area. So that is the reason I have listed (above) contacts to call for best JOB service and best PRICE.

Use our comment box below to express yourself in case you have any question.

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