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Remita Mobile Registration – Create New Ramita Account on Mobile Phone & Tablets

I believe its not new any more to know that Remita is a Nigeria based electronic platform licenced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), that helps organisations (SMEs, Corporate Organisations, Multinationals, State Governments, Government Agencies, NGOs, Religious Organisations, Resident Associations, Schools and Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Health Institutions, Utility Companies, etc.) and Individuals to RECEIVE and MAKE PAYMENTS easily.

Everyone needs Remita for fast and reliable payment and receiving of funds. It also lets you see all your bank account balances, from any bank, on one screen. You just see every account and its balance showing on your screen with ease.

The platform also allows you get Paid Easier by simply generating and sharing payment requests (or e-Invoices) with family, friends and customers. Of course, you need Create New Ramita Account you to enjoy all this.

Let’s get started…

Using mobile phones and Tablets has become the order of the day. Many people do on their Phone and Tables what use to be done on a computer. That is why this page concentrates on Using mobile phone to signup remita account.


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How to Create New Ramita Account on Mobile Phone & Tablets

I would advise you download the latest Remita App for your mobile phone since it all has to do with using MOBILE and TABLETS, instead of going to www.remita.com to do this.

  1. Download the remita latest App through your mobile App store (or you can use www.remita.com –  still the same process).
  2. Lunch App and enter your Email address.  Make sure your email is correct and active.remita5
  3. Click/Tap Get Started
  4. Now the registration has begun. But to see the form (going to the next stage) you have accepted the Remita terms of use by clicking on “I AGREE”.remita4
  5. Already your email should appear in the email box, you now have to enter your first name, surname, phone number and create a new password. Click/Tap “PROCEED”.remita6
  6. You are now on verification stage so you should get a code to verify your phone number.
  7. The next is selecting which security platform you prefer using. There are TWO kinds (a) the Simple security and (b) the Advance security.remita1
  8. enter your desired PIN and click on PROCEED.
  9. The next step is providing your Bank account number (you can add later). OTP will be sent to you immediately to verify the account you just added.
  10. CONGRATULATIONS! you are done with Remita Mobile Registration now you have a profile.remita2

Now you can edit your photo, change pin, add more bank accounts, and more…


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In few seconds let me show you how to access your Remita Menu page

How Do  I See My Remita Menu Page?

After you have completed your registration, just like every other applications or account, the Menu is by the up-right side of the page. Tap it and you see the Menu.

Now note this; the remita menu allows you to: change your pin, password (which you find in General Settings), add bank accounts and cards, add company name,  and more. Including to Log out of your account. See image for better understanding;

remita menu page image






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