Remove PC Password In Windows 8

How To Remove PC Password In Windows 8

Few days back, I needed to take my PC for repairs after it developed a fault. I had to Remove the PC Password In my Windows 8 so the PC repairer could have access to the PC. To my surprise I could not do it. I had to make some online research before I could do that. Immediately, I thought someone could be facing the same situation and would likely go online to search for solution, just like i did. So, here are the simple steps you need to Remove PC Password In Windows 8.

I must be a kind-hearted human to think of you. Am I not? Give me that credit. Well, here you are. The steps are not really difficult. You can easily Remove PC Password In Windows 8. If I could, you too can. So, there is no need to delay you and give you long stories. I am going to make the steps so easy for you to understand without having a second thought. You can go get yourself a cup of fruit juice, sit down and read through this right away. Are you ready? Let’s do this!!!

How To Remove PC Password In Windows 8

  1. Locate and click on Settings from your PC
  2. On the down page of the opened settings view, click on Change PC settings.
  3. Another view opens, click on the Accounts options
  4. On the Accounts view, click on the Sign-in options.
  5. In the next opened view, you will see Password and Password Policy. Under the Password heading, click the Change option.
  6. On the next opened view, in the Current password field, type in your current password (remember you are removing a password from the PC. So type in the password you are currently using).
  7. Click Next to continue.
  8. On the opened view, you will see, New Password, Reenter Password and Password Hint. Leave all the available fields blank and click on Next.
  9. Another view opens, click on Finish to leave your computer without a password.

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Hurray, you have succeeded in removing the password from your PC Windows 8. Like I said earlier, the processes are very simple and i did my part to use easily understood terms to explain to your understanding. You can now try these steps out. We are always available to answer your questions and attend to your contributions on this article or related articles. Thank you for visiting us today.

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