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How To Renew Nigerian Passport From Abroad

If you have been asking how you can renew Nigerian passport from abroad, then you are in the right place. If you are in a foreign country and your Nigerian passport has expired, you don’t really need to panic. You don’t need to return back to Nigeria before you can renew your passport. You can do that easily from any part of the world you find yourself. This guide is just for you. We will outline every step you need to follow to ensure you complete this process. Read on.

For those in doubt, Nigerian passports are issued to Nigerian citizens to travel outside of Nigeria. Nigeria now offers only electronic passports for new passport applications. These electronic passports, known also as the e-passport. They are classified as either Standard or Official e-passport, depending on intended use.

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Nigerian passports can be applied for either at the physical location of the Nigeria Immigration Services, or by making submission through its website. Nigerians living in other countries may obtain passports through the nearest Nigerian embassy or consulate.

How To Renew Nigerian Passport From Abroad

If you intend to renew Nigerian passport from abroad, there are two major ways: by online application or by visiting a consulate within your country of residence.

Method 1 – Visit a Nigerian consulate In Your Residence

To renew your passport, you can visit any Nigerian consulate in your country of residence. When you are there, go to the necessary quarters in and let them know the reason why you are there. They will guide you on what you need to do till the process is finalized and your passport is renewed.

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Method 2 – Online Application

To apply online, here is what to do.

Part 1

  1. Visit the official website of the Nigerian consulate in the country you are residing in. You can find this on google. For instance, if you are residing in Canada, you can type “Nigeria Consulate Canada”. You will see the website of the consulate office.
  2. When the website opens up, locate the place for “passport’ and click on it. The required documents and application processes will be shown to you.
  3. Then, select he type of e-passport you are applying for.
  4. Then follow the payment guideline and make the necessary payments.

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Part 2

After doing the above, the second part starts. You will need to visit the consulate in person. To visit them, you will have to go along with the required documents that were stated in part 1. Most often, the requirements include

  1. Your outdated Nigerian passport
  2. The online application form
  3. Internet application payment slip confirmation.
  4. Acknowledgement slip for e-passport application.
  5. Any other requirements as may be stated.

When you visit with these requirements, you have to go through the processes they will put you through.


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