Requirements for kids Nigerian Passport and How to Apply

In case we’ve forgotten, a minor/kid is one who is below seventeen years of age. The Nigerian passport application Requirements Process for a Nigerian Minor or a Nigerian child is different from the E-passport application process for an Adult Nigerian.

By the authenticity of the documents, a minor/kid must meet the expectations of Nigeria Immigration Service that they meet all the requirements as set out for the processing of a Nigerian ePassport Application.

image of the nigeria international passport

How Long Does It Take?

It takes probably up to 12 weeks or longer for a passport to be produced where the application is irregular. Emergency passports are not issued to minors, so endeavor to apply for a passport for your kid 12 weeks or more before the intended date of travel.

Types of Nigeria International Password Kids can apply.

Minors /kids can apply for an Enhanced E-passport, the new passport is made available in these categories

  • 32 page 5-year validity (adults and minors)
  • 64 page 5-year validity (adults and minors)
  • 64 page 10-year validity (adults (18+) only

There is an option for adults to pick from the above stated categories, and young children/minors of less than 18 years of age, can only pick between category 1 & 2 only. 

A 10 year validity passport is not for those less than 18 years based on ICAO specifications and due to an expected change of physical appearance.

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How To Apply Nigerian International Passport For Kids?

A child/minor is not entered in the parents passport. The child/minor must be present in person when a passport for him/her is applied. Below are the requirements for a Nigerian international kids passport:

  1. Completed passport application form
  2. One passport-size photograph (signed on reverse side by consenting parents/guardians)
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Evidence of Nigerian citizenship of parents /guardian
  5. Letter of consent from both parents (valid court order if one parent is unavailable)
  6. Evidence of payment.

In an instance where the child was adopted, a court order and letter of approval from the state Ministry of Women and Child Development is required.

As a rule, a passport is given to a minor with the consent of his/her guardian/parent. The consent may be given in a written form also, if it is adequately detailed:

  • The consent must specify the person who is the subject of the consent (full name and date of birth).
  • The consent must contain the full name, date of birth, contact details, and signature of the person issuing the consent.
  • The consent must be written in a language the embassy official understands
  • Potential limitations concerning the period or region of validity must be mentioned 

A parent/guardian may be asked to be present to identify the child. After this process 

Step 1: Get your requirement prepared

Step 2: Apply online at by clicking on the type of passport application you want e.g Fresh, Renewal, Lost, Damaged, or Correction of data, then select a processing country.

Step 3: Complete the online application form, and upload scanned copies of required documents

Step 4: Select mode of payment (payment can be made with visa card), once payment is completed click on the submit tab.

Step 5: An application ID and reference number will be given to you, print out guarantors form and have it certified.

Step 6: Move on to the passport office you’ve selected during the online application with important requirements including evidence of payment made, including other documents listed above.

Nigerians in the diaspora are to submit an application at the nearest Nigerian Embassy/High commission or consulate picked during the online application.

Note: Applications are required to also appear at the passport office selected during online application for a photograph and Biometric data capturing if the current passport is more than six months old.

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