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Requirements For Opening A Lucrative Barbing Salon

Barbing salon is one lucrative and very easy to start business that can give you fortunes. Unfortunately, many think it is costly and difficult to start. That is not truly so. Starting a barbing salon can be relatively easy and less capital intensive. To clear you doubt, we decided to bring to you the requirements for opening a lucrative Barbing Salon in Nigeria. It is our hope you find it worth your reading time.

In many cities, to barb cost #300. Most barbers usually attend to more than 10 customers daily. Let’s assume a barber has 10 customers daily (which we know is usually more), and he charges #300. So in a day he makes #3,000. Multiply that by 30days, an average barber goes home with #90,000 monthly. So in just one year, an average barber earns over a million!!! Oh! Yes, that is that!!! So are you seeing the need to know the Requirements For Opening A Lucrative Barbing Salon. You can open yours if you are willing.

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Requirements For Opening A Lucrative Barbing Salon

There are some very important equipment needed to start an average barbing salon. You can easily afford these equipment. The requirements include:

Learn How To Barb: Obviously, you cannot barb if you do not know how to barb. You have to make out time and attend a 3-6months training course on barbing.  You basically learn the basics. How good you are is determined by your efforts to learn and improve. You retain your customers if you are good.Requirements For Opening A Lucrative Barbing Salon

Get A Good Location: Rent a shop in a very good location. It could be in your living streets. It could also be at a shopping mall or any other place where there is need for barbers. You can even locate it near a boarding school. Students barb every day.

Get The Needed Equipments: There are certain important equipments needed for your barbing business. You need good clippers (2), small Generator set (10-15,000), Rotating chair, electronic sterilizers, Cover clothes, 2 wall mirrors, customer seats (either a long bench or 2-4 plastic seats), standing fan, dustbin, fluorescent lights, powder, spirits, combs and hair brushes, after shave etc. These listed items can get you started. There are some that can be substituted for less expensive ones for a start.Requirements For Opening A Lucrative Barbing Salon 1

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As you have seen, the Requirements For Opening A Lucrative Barbing Salon are not beyond your reach. Instead of looking for job endlessly without success, #100-#150,000 can get you started in a very good barbing business. Utilise this opportunity and start today.


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