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  1. I think the issue of a domiciliary account should not be an issue here since PayPay is functioning.I had paid in for services in the USA,and other part of the world via PayPal.

    • Well, opening a domiciliary account has nothing to do with Paypal account since Nigerians can’t withdraw directly into their bank account. These pages, please if you do not know how to open or what it takes to open a domiciliary account.
      Besides, you can use the domiciliary account for different purposes;

      – to get paid from around the world. whether online or direct deposit.
      – to carry out international transactions. This is for those who make one type of payment or the other, it could be payment of school fee, wire transfer to business partners, friends or family.
      – for your personal business.
      – and more…

      So, you can define your own need or purpose of opening a dom account.

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