Requirements For PENCOM Compliance Certificate In Nigeria

To apply for the PENCOM compliance certificate in Nigeria, you have to meet up with and provide some requirements. These requirements are what will ensure your application for certificate of compliance is granted to you after verification. This can only be issued to you by the Nigerian National Pension Commission (PENCOM).

What then is the PenCom compliance certificate? Certificate of compliance as it relates to pension in Nigeria is a document issued to workers of government ministries and agencies in Nigeria for complying with government directives of remitting a substantial amount of money from their salary monthly to appropriate authority designed to collect such.

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Organisations who wish to obtain the annual PCC are required to forward their applications to PenCom headquarters in Abuja, or any of its six (6) zonal offices nationwide.

Requirements For PENCOM Compliance Certificate In Nigeria

The application requires that you attach some important documents to authenticate your application.

The required documents include:

  1. Evidence of payment of monthly pension contribution(s) to the Retirement Savings Account (RSA) of employees. These should include:
    1. Certified list of employees of the organization.
    2. Certified statement of the rate of employer pension contribution and employee pension contribution.
  2. Schedule of monthly pension contributions for the last three years indicating:-
    1. Names of the employees,
    2. Personal Identification Number (PIN),
    3. Name of Pension Fund Administrator (PFA), and
    4. The amount of monthly employer and employee contributions
  3. Schedule of evidence of remittance of monthly pension contributions to employees RSA for the last three years indicating:-
  1. Evidence of transfer of all pension assets of any employee retirement benefits scheme prior to the commencement of the PRA 2004 to licensed operators.
  2. Evidence of valid Group Life Insurance Policy for employees which should include;
    1. Policy Certificate
    2. Policy Document
  3. Schedule of employees covered by the policy indicating the name of the employee, total annual emolument, sum assured and premium paid.

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