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Russia to shut down a Siberia-based independent TV station

russian to shut down Siberia-based independent TV station

Russian authorities have allegedly decided to shut down a Siberia-based independent TV station for being critical of Moscow officials, said the broadcaster’s editor-in-chief.

Popular TV-2 cable station in the city of Tomsk will have to go off air on January 1st following months of pressure and an eventual decision by the state television and radio broadcasting network, AFP quoted Viktor Muchnik as saying on Monday.

While asserting that long-developing frictions with central authorities had intensified this year, Muchnik further alleged, “We were under constant pressure to change our editorial policies.”

The Siberian broadcaster reaches nearly 600,000 viewers and some 50,000 tune in to its news programs, in which local authorities are frequently criticized while analysts not seen on state television contribute from Moscow via Skype.

The alleged decision to shut down TV-2 reportedly led to uncommon rallies of support in Tomsk earlier in the month.

The report, however, does not reflect any reaction or statement on the alleged decision by Russian officials.

Russia to shut down a Siberia-based independent TV station

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