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Safe Sites to Buy Used Laptops from Nigeria

Sites to Buy Used Laptops

Most people prefer to buy Used Laptops from Nigeria, believing that used laptops are cheaper and stronger than the new once, Some of you even go as far reasoning that the UK, US, London used laptops are the original once. Well am not here to convince you on which to and which not to buy. This page only to guide you through on the safe sites to buy used Laptops.

Buying Used Properties Online Made Easy

When you check online to buy things like used cars, used laptops, used properties, etc, you see so many sites advertising on it. Well, we are only introducing the once we have tried and seen other people try them also and the laptop came to them.

We have upgraded into a higher internet and Technology World – making things easy for we all. All we just have to do is getting reading your credit card loaded with the amount you want to use then go online (using a genuine sites) and order for this stuffs you need.

I believe am making sense to you?

But you should understand that buying a fairly used laptop should not really the the main issue, there are things you have to put into consideration before going to buy any used item online;

  • RAM size
  • Hard desk size
  • HDD size
  • Are the Keyboards working well
  • Is the charging point working
  • The USB ports working fine
  • Does it come with a Charger and is the Charger also working well too
  • Does the Battery last long
  • Put on the system and check it the Computer fairly used screen is working without issue
  • Check the power button also whether it function well
  • The CD-ROM – If its a system with a CD-ROM then you also have to check if its working
  • Most of all Brand and Prices of Used Laptops
  • Do not buy out dated computers, make sure buying latest computer – even if cost of it is high

List of Safe Sites to Buy Used Laptops from Nigeria

Like I said we have tested them and we also introduced to some of our fans and they have also used them, but later on this page I will explain some disadvantage of it (but has a way to tackle it).

There are 3 website I will recommend you to comfortably buy High quality Used computer systems in Nigeria. Here are the sites and their site address;

  • Kaymu

You can get this stuffs from Kaymu website at www.kaymu.com. And you can also sell any of your properties if you want also

  • jiji

jiji is another big online shopping site for things like this, you logon to www.jiji.ng

  • OLX

On OLX you can find 1000’s of second hand Computers & Laptops in Nigeria and even sell your own, so to do any of it logon to www.olx.com.ng.

How to Order for Fairly Used Computers Online

here are steps to follow using the above Sites to Buy Used Laptops Online. To get this correctly without any regret you just have to use this method.

  1. Login to any of the sites listed above
  2. Use the “Search Box on the Site” and search for the brand and quality of system you want
  3. Click on the item to see the features or Specifications of that computer you want to buy
  4. Click the “Buy” or “Order” or “Add to cart” or “Contact Seller” You will see the Seller’s contact details
  5. Now you might be requested by provide your House/office address, Phone number, Email address and Full Name
  6. Then few days later you see the buyer coming to your location with the system you ordered online
  7. You then check the system and be sure if what you saw online was delivered to you. Please note that if yo are not close to the seller, the laptop can also be sent to your location via  a courier depending on your location, but you have option to return it within 7 days with the cost of return born by the buyer.
  8. Make your Payment

Please note that:

  • if you are buying a Used laptop here in Nigeria until after ordering,  the company connects you to the seller directly. The person bringing it to you is the original owner of the computer you want to buy.
  • as long at its fairly used stuffs – you do not make any payment until you see it with your two eyes.
  • you have 101% full right to reject it when the buyer brings it to you, if that after checking it and do not like it or found out it has dome issue.
  • make sure  checking it properly because returning later might never be allowed.
  • there are still other good sites to buy used Laptops from Nigeria, but this once listed here has been used and confirmed.




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