Sample of NYSC Green Card looks like | Uses of NYSC Green Card

As the online NYSC registration is going on, we understand that some of you are getting confused for asking how does the nysc green card looks like. Well its not a wrong question to ask and that is the more reason on this page we are going to be explaining everything you should know about the ” nysc green card “. Including adding an image Sample of NYSC Green Card.

So for better understanding we are going to take this stage by stage by answering possible questions we believe will help you know about the NYSC Green Card and the importance of it. But first lets stat with the questions and reactions our fans had sent to us.

What is NYSC Green Card?

The Green Card is simply that slip you print after successful registration on NYSC Website. Its a slip that clarify that you paid and as well registered for the NYSC online registration for mobilization.

The NYSC Green Card can only be gotten online and that is after submitting your online application. you now have to login in to your NYSC portal to print the slip.

How to Print NYSC Green Card

  1. Visit
  2. Login to your nysc dashboard with your email address and password
  3. click “Resume”
  4. Now you are login to your dashboard click “print slip”Login to your nysc dashboard
  5. Wait a little while as if transfer you to a NYSC PDF Slip page where you can now preview the nysc green card slip and also print it out. See image below: nysc green card slip
  6. Now to print your green card slip at once click the arrow 1. But if you want to save the slip on your phone or computer the click arrow 2

This is just all about printing your NYSC Green Card. So simple!

Sample of NYSC Green Card looks like

The Sample of NYSC Green Card shows the following information:

  • NYSC Logo, with NYSC letter heading including the head office address. Also includes the batch you are currently in and year of your service
  • You full details, including your full names, date of birth, state of origin, LGA, gender, place of birth, marital status and physically challenges. Your passport photograph will also be clearly seen on the slip.
  • Your contact address information
  • Next of kin fully details
  • Your educational qualification details
  • Your Kits specifications details
  • And Finally the “Corps member Signature & date”. This is where you will sign as the owner of the slip.
Sample of NYSC Green Card looks like
Here is a Sample of NYSC Green Card looks like. Also called “NYSC Green Card Slip”

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What Am I suppose to Do with The NYSC Green Card Slip Printout?

After you have printed out the slip You will have to sign it (with Pen) and bring that signed copy to NYSC Camp. for submission. Meanwhile, before then make a photocopy of it (after signing) to your school too.



  1. I paid for my call up letter yesterday being 25-04-2017 but have not seen any notification… why?

    • Don’t worry, cos as long as the online payment was successful you will get notify to print your later or you will get it from your school (other option).

      • …is it that Nysc won’t post it on the Nysc login dashboard
        …why school?

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