New Samsung Curved UHD TV

Samsung launch new “Samsung Curved UHD TV “

New Samsung Curved UHD TV
New Samsung Curved UHD TV


Samsung is adding even more superlatives to its top-of-the line TV sets, readying a new lineup of “SUHD” TVs for 2015, the company revealed at its annual CES press conference today.

Samsung will offer three new series of SUHD TVs this year, in nine screen sizes, ranging from 48 inches to 88 inches. UHD stands for ultra high-definition, also known as 4K. The “S” part is a bit more nebulous: Samsung has said it is using the S for branding, the same way it uses “S” in its lineup of mobile products.

The new TVs will feature nano-crystal technology, and other things you’d need a degree in quantum optics to understand, but Samsung says all of this results in better contrast, brightness and color.

Some of the new TVs also have curved displays, despite the fact that the advantages of having a curved TV screen is still debatable. In fact, half of Samsung’s UHD TV sales are now curved TVs.

UHD TVs have made appearances at the International CES for the past few years now. As with the early days of HD TVs, the initial models were cost-prohibitive for average consumers, and there’s been a limited amount of 4K content for consumers to watch.

Here are the Image of the new Samsung Curved UHD TV:

New Samsung Curved UHD TV
Front part of the New Samsung Curved UHD TV
Side part

Samsung didn’t make any announcements around smartphones or tablets, but is likely saving its mobile-related news for the upcoming Mobile World Congress conference in February.

LG Electronics, a Korean competitor of Samsung’s, also said it would bring seven new 4K OLED TVs to market this year, ranging in display size from 55 to 77 inches; while Sony showed off a new 4K LED TV that is thinner than the company’s Xperia X3 smartphone.

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