Sergi Mavrodi Launches MMM In Kenya And Ghana

Sergi Mavrodi Launches MMM In Kenya And Ghana

The founder of MMM Sergi Mavrodi Launches MMM In Kenya And Ghana. This news will come as a shock to Nigerians. Recall that Nigerians wake up to the news that all confirmed Mavro has been frozen for one month by MMM. The news obviously raised national panic and apprehension. To hear that few days after, MMM Ghana and Kenya opens is a big shock.

As Nigerians are yet to overcome the shock of the news, it remains to be seen how Ghana and Kenya will embrace this new development. The Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox (MMM), has since inception in Nigeria, faced series of attacks from the Nigerian government and press. Despite the attempts to discourage Nigerians, about 3 millions Nigerians are in the money-doubling scheme.

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As Nigerians react to Sergi Mavrodi Launches MMM In Kenya And Ghana, the MMM-Ghana website is already released: www.ghana-mmm:net. MMM Kenya has the following website: As expected, many Ghanaians and Kenyans have already joined the popular moneybox. As it stands, many Nigerians are have expressed apprehension over this development. Many see it as simply “goodbye” MMM-Nigeria.

The pattern for Nigerian MMM has still remained the same in Ghana and Kenya.  To participate in Ghana and Kenyan MMM, follow these steps:

  1. Register on the website.
  2. Enter the Personal Office (PO).
  3. There will be two big buttons: “Provide Help” and “Get Help”.
  4. If you want to put your money, so click “Provide Help” and point the sum of money, you would like to put in the System. The minimal sum is 100 KES.
  5. You will get in the same moment Mavro in your PO, and they begin to grow with the rates of 40% per month.
    (Mavro is only the currency inside the system.)
    By the way You get mavro, but you cannot sell them, they will be under the status “Unconfirmed”, because You didn’t transfer your money, you just decided to do that.
  6. Then you will get the order with bank details of a man that you must transfer the money.
    The order will also have the contact details of that man, so you can talk with him if you wish and make sure, that he is real and alive man, same as You are.
    There is no central account in MMM, to collect all the money of participants (and from where they could be stolen easily). All the money transfers are made directly between participants.
    It means that everything is quite clear and honest. MMM plays just a role as some kind of a dispatch, which connect the participants.logos - Registration Sergi Mavrodi Launches MMM In Kenya And Ghana
  7. Transfer the money to that participant. He confirms the receive, and after that Your Mavro become “confirmed”. That’s it! Now You can sell them at any moment, fully or in parts.
  8. If you want to sell your Mavro, click “Get Help” and point the sum.
    Another participant will get the order and he will transfer money to You, provide help. Same You did it before. But don’t forget to confirm you money receive, after You get the money to Your bank account. (Not before! Beware of fraudsters!) Or the sender couldn’t confirm his mavro.

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What do you have to say about this? Does it mean Nigerians’ hopes are crashed? Do you think MMM will be fought against vehemently in these countries? Share your thoughts with us below. Thank you.

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