How to Setup MoPub Mobile Ad Account and Start Earning

MoPub Mobile is a great mobile ad network for app publishers and developers that wants to monetize their app – to earn money by allowing MoPub start displaying advertisement (just like Google AdSense for web, Admob, Facebook Audience Network, etc.).

In order to start earning money you have to sign up with MoPub and setup MoPub Mobile Ad units.

This page has covered all the steps. All you need to do is follow the steps to guides to learn how to setup MoPub mobile Ad Account and start earning.

Why You Should Consider Monetizing Your Mobile App with MoPub

  • MoPub is owned by Twitter – one of the giant social media in the world.
  • You have the ability to control and twink your ad units, like refresh period, positioning (only applies for some Ad unit), bidding, etc.
  • MoPub has interesting and attractive high paying advertisers.
  • MoPub works perfectly on ecommerce, blog apps, news apps, and gaming apps.

How to Setup MoPub Mobile Ad Account

MoPub mobile ad page-image

Step 1: Signing Up with MoPub

Visit the MoPub mobile app monetization sign up page (here).

The signing up form has simple requirements; Your full name (or business name), email address, and company name.

Then check the two boxes to agree with MoPub terms and conditions and click the Signup button. A link will be sent to the same email address used in signing up. Access your email and click on the link to verify your registration on MoPub.

Step 2: Adding Your App URL on Google Playstore

After verifying your registration, click the “Get started” button. You can simply go to Google App store page, use the search bar to search for your app, then copy the URL.

You also have an alternative of skipping this stage if you haven’t launched your app in PlayStore; that is Kindle stage.

If you’ve launched it, your app should show up after you have entered the link and click on search. Then confirm it’s the correct app you that you want to monetize with MoPub, then click the “Continue” button.

Select your app category, check the two boxes to agree with the terms and click the “Save and Continue” button.

Steps 3: Create your Ad Units

There is where you create your best ad unit for your app. MoPub has varieties of ad units, including The Banner ad, Medium rectangle ad, Fullscreen ad, Native ad, and Rewarding video Ad.

But to start, give your ad a name, then select which ad to set up. once completed, come back again to do the same thing if you’ll be applying more than one type of ad unit into your app.

Then get (copy) the Ad unit ID and paste into your app maker area/platform for that particle app you are setting up.

Step 4: Test Your Ad Placement

This is one of the reasons MoPub is unique from others, it enables you to test the app to see hoe the ad placement looks like.

To Test; you can click the view documentation link here.

Also to test the integration you need to install the MoPub sample app and scan this QR code using a test device.

Step 5: Save your Settings

Remember to save the settings of your app developer page after inserting those Ad unit ID where necessary.

Step 6 Update your Google Playstore Console

An update has been made, therefore, the update might not start taking effect immediately (depending on the type of mobile app developer you use), so you have to update your Google app console to release the new change/update.

Your ad should start displaying after Google approves the release.

But not done yet. You need to setup your Payment method.

Setting up Your MoPub Payment Method

MoPub marketplace payment method setup-image

Navigate to the top of the site, click on “Marketplace”.
Then below, under the step 2 – Set up your payment information, click on the “Swt up payments”.

The Payment information form has 4-stages to complete.

Stage 1: Address

On the first stages, you’re met to enter your details as they appear on your bank records. P.O. Box is not allowed.

You’ll be required to choice either individual or business account.

Then fill out your contact email address, name, company name and addresses, city, zip code, and country.

If you want to be paid in a different country then you have to click on the “Select to be paid in a different country than the above”.

Then click the “Save and Continue” button.

Stage 2: Payment Method

This is the page you will be typing in your Bank information.
But first, select how you like to be paid. Options available are; Local Bank transfer, SEPA transfer, eCheck, Wire Transfer, and PayPal

Other part of the form will need you to type in your Name on account, Bank name, Bank address/zip/province, SWIFT/BIC, IBAN, and country.

Then click the “Next” button to proceed.

Stage 3: Selecting Your Tax Form

MoPub is mandated to collect tax forms from their payees. So ensure to select the correct tax form or start the tax questionnaire.

Then click on the ” Submit, Continue to Tax Form”. Complete the tax form and submit.

Enable Marketplace for your ad units

MoPub marketplace and tax-image

The MoPub Marketplace will be pending for now, and it takes about 10 business days to get feedback as regard your request. MoPub will be reviewing your request for MoPub Marketplace. The Policy team may reach out to you via the email on your account for more information. Once you’re approved, Marketplace will automatically run for ad units enabled on the Marketplace tab.

However, you can reach out to if you haven’t been approved in 10 business days.


This is how to setup MoPub mobile Ad account in order to start earning.

If you have any question or contributions, kindly use the comment box below.


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