How To Setup & Use Access Bank WhatsApp Banking

How To Setup & Use Access Bank WhatsApp Banking

How To Setup & Use Access Bank WhatsApp Banking – Banking just got easier with the Access Bank WhatsApp Banking! oh yes! You read that right. Now, you can carry out your banking transactions with Access bank on WhatsApp. Now, this is the easiest I have ever seen banking. Could it be easier than this? I doubt. I really doubt. But then, that’s the power of technology for you. It allows you evolve and create new ways of doing things for yourself and your customers. 

Without waste of time, I am going to show you in clear terms How To Setup & Use Access Bank WhatsApp Banking. It is quite simple and very effective and efficient. This is a very great and noble idea introduced by Access Bank Nigeria.

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WhatsApp Banking is an alternative channel that provides financial services to existing and potential customers through use of WhatsApp application, leveraging on the real-time messaging capabilities of the Whatsapp platform. WhatsApp Banking is a social media platform designed to allow existing and potential customers make use of financial services that Access Bank offers such as funds transfers, airtime purchase, bill payments, balance enquiry, account opening and so much more.

How To Setup & Use Access Bank WhatsApp Banking

How can one set up or register for Access Bank WhatsApp Banking? Find out below.

How To Register Access Bank WhatsApp Banking

  1. Add this number to your contact list: 09090901901 (This is the official access bank WhatsApp number).
  2. Go to your WhatsApp registered phone number
  3. Then, type ‘hi’
  4. Select register from the menu that appears
  5. Enter your first name and your last name
  6. Enter your email address
  7. Finally, enter your Access Bank Account number
  8. You have successfully been registered.

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How To Use Access Bank WhatsApp Banking

After registering on this noble vision, the next thing you will be asked is if you have any other function you want to perform. Alternatively, you can just type “HI”. The whole list of functions you can perform will appear. You can then choose anyone you wish to perform. This is after you must have registered already. And, it is that simple.

What Can You Do With Access WhatsApp Banking?

Here are the list of services provided by the WhatsApp Banking on Access Bank.

  1. BVN display,
  2. Balance Enquiry,
  3. Request Payday Loan and
  4. Account Opening.

All these are performed immediately without delay. Surely, more functions and services will be included with time.


The only requirement need are

  1. You must have WhatsApp installed on your phone.
  2. You will need to chat with them with ONLY the phone number you registered with the bank.

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Benefits Of Access WhatsApp Banking

The Access WhatsApp has a number of advantages such as:

  1. Instant Banking

All services carried out on Access WhatsApp are treated instantly. It is therefore fast. However, the speed of your transaction will depend on your internet connection.

  1. No need for downloads

If you use Access WhatsApp, you do not need to download anything which makes it even easier to use.

  1. Easy Setup

Access WhatsApp is easy to set up since all you have to do is chat up your Access Bank contact on WhatsApp

  1. Easy to use

It is also easy to use because you only have to select what you want to do right there on Watsapp.

Having seen How To Setup & Use Access Bank WhatsApp Banking, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make use of this service.

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