How to Share Screen on SKYPE

How to Share Screen on SKYPE for Windows, Mac OS & Android

How to Share Screen on SKYPE – Rating best free video calling application for PCs and Mobile phone of course “SKYPE” is #1. for it. Small business people people and big business organizations also makes good use of it. The good of it all is that all services you get here is for free, like to send files, such as pictures, video files, MS or PDF files… all can be done using skype.

You want to learn how to share your screen using skype?? OK, you are on the right page to get that correctly. Screen sharing lets you show your computer screen to one or more of your contacts on Skype for free. It’s perfect for business presentations, showing photos to friends and family, or getting help from your tech-savvy friend.

One best features about Sharing Screen on SKYPE for Windows, Mac OS & Android is that you can hold a seminal or conferences meeting with friends or/and workers. Like I earlier said before that for you to share your computer Screen on SKYPE for Windows, Mac OS & Android is free. But all it takes to do that is to register for a new skype account here (if you do not have one).

Just in case you might also want to learn how to do conferences meeting using your skype click here. The service is also for free to no limit of calls or videos callings. As long your data connection is fasting and responding well.

How to Share Screen on SKYPE for Windows, Mac OS & Android

How to Share Screen on SKYPE

For you to start doing this you have to make sure you have the SKYPE App running in your computer or mobile phone, then do this;

  • Start by Making a voice call or video call to one of your contacts, the when the call starts, click the + button in the SKYPE call window, then choose Share screens.
  • The other person will be able to see live video of what’s on your screen, including your desktop and any programs you may have open. That’s all

If you are using multiple screen the you will have to;

  • select the screen that you want to share
  • Use the Share your screen drop-down to choose what to share – either your full screen or a specific window – and then select Start.

To stop sharing your screen, select Stop sharing.

How to share files

If you now want to share files in the process of making this call and sharing your screen the you do this:

  • Click on the Attached fill icon you see in the call window then choose what files you want to share too.



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