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ShareIt App Download for PC Free – Windows and Mac PCs

Transfering files from mobile to mobile or PC to mobile or PC to PC is now achievable with ease. The simple APp called “ShareIt App” allows you tranfer all manal of files between devices. It doesn’t matter the size of that file.

The interesting part of it all is that you can download the ShareIt App for free on any device you want be it Android, iPhone or PC (desktop).

But we are concentrating on how to download ShareIt App on our PC, install it and start using it.

We understand that using images to illustrate is an effective way to communicate and make everyone understand how this should work, so, this page is for you if you want to download and install the free ShareIt App on your PC.

What is the ShareIt Web Address?

I know many will be confused, in fact believing that will be the official website. But its not so, rather the main official Shareit web page is ““.

On our previous article, we talked about Shareit app downloading guide for all mobile and PC, we gave a direct link to jumpstart your downloads fast. But there we show the official website which you can learn more about “Shareit App” and download app on any devices.

ShareIt App Benefits Or Features

  • Among all other sharing app, ShareIt remains the fastest, best and secured to you.
  • App is free. Meaning you can send files acorss all devices without limitation for free.
  • Also free online feeds including movies / music / wallpapers / GIFs.
  • With this App you can share or transfer files between Android to Android, or Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android, Or iPhone to PC, or PC to iPhone, or Andriod to PC, etc. It works on which ever ways you want to use it.

How to Download ShareIt App on Windows and Mac PCs

  1. Visit the official website –
  2. From the homepage, you can click on the download if the website automatically detected your PC OS. For instance, it was able to detect that I use Windows.

    But in a scenario where it doesn’t then you have to check the down-arrow and select the OS which you want to download ShareIt app. See image below

    Image to Download Shareit App

  3. Save the files at the root or folder you can locate in your computer.
  4. After the download is completed, open the folder, then click or double-click to start the installation process. Once the installation is completed you can then start using the App.

How to Transfer Files Using ShareIt App

To transfer, first you need to connect the device with your PC. And the way to connect is the same process you connect to a hotspot network. Once that is done, you enter your PC shareit password (please note that you can change the password to easy one you will always remember), then click connect on your mobile.

Or you can download the same Shareit app on that device you are receiving or sending files to, then do the connection and start sending.

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