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Showmax is an online video-on-demand subscription service that enables users to watch TV series, movies, and other entertainment shows from their devices after subscribing to the service.

It’s available in all African countries and some other countries outside African. The way to register and start enjoying ShowMax is simple, which is the reason we have shown the steps below.

ShowMax allows your ShowMax subscription to actively run on two devices at the same time. And also gives the opportunity to register up to five devices to watch on. This means you can subscribe and register up to five of your family/friends’ devices to as well enjoy the subscription with you.

Streaming ShowMax Online TV and Movies Series

ShowMax is comparable to selected devices, excluding iPhones, Android phones, tablets, and laptop/Desktop computers – they don’t have compatibility issues).

To make it more clearer, below are Devices ShowMax can work on.

List of Devices Showmax is Compatible with

  • Apple, Android smartphones, and tablets. You can use your ShowMax subscription on these devices using the Showmax app. And if you’re using a Huawei device, you know well that it has its app store (no more supporting Andriod Playstore).

    Click the link below to download the app best for your device.

Click the below button to download ShowMax app on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Click the button below to download ShowMax App on Android Smartphones and Tablets

Click the button below to download ShowMax App on Huawei Smartphone

  • Laptops and Computers. You can use ShowMax on these devices through your web browser – that means logging in to the ShowMax website,
  • Google Chromecast, Apple TV, including Airplay. You need an internet connection to use ShowMax on these devices.
  • DStv Explora: You also need to connect your DStv Explora to the internet to use ShowMax.
    But Showmax Pro is yet not supported on the DStv Explora.
  • Gaming consoles: You can also use your ShowMax on Xbox one (and later version) and Sony PlayStation 4 (South Africa only).
    But note that Showmax Pro is currently not supported on any gaming consoles.

How to Sign Up For ShowMax Online Streaming Account

You can sign up for ShowMax online Streaming account via your Mobile phone browser or PC browser. Simply open up a new tap on your browser and;

  1. Visit the main ShowMax Website (here)
  2. Click “Sign Up” button at the top of the page
  3. Then fill out the ShowMax sign up form.
    Your Email address, to create a new password for login, and your phone number is required to sign up for a new account.
  4. Then click the “Sign up” button to submit the form.
  5. Then select whether you want to use your ShowMax Subscription either on “All devices” (mentioned above) or “Mobile devices Only”. See the differences below. Each of the options has its packages attached.
  6. Then click the “Get Started” under the plan you want to optin for.
  7. Then select your payment option and fill out the payment details.
  8. Submit and follow other steps to confirm payment from your bank
  9. Then follow other instruction to complete the registration and payment process.


At this point, you are set to start watching and downloading movies of your choice on ShowMax.

About ShowMax Subscription

ShowMax has FOUR packages, which is further divided into two categories. The device you select depends on the subscriptions you see under it.

For instance;

All Devices has subscription named; ShowMax and ShowMax Pro

While the Mobile devices have its subscriptions called; ShowMax Mobile and ShowMax Pro Mobile.

However, the FOUR different subscriptions has different prices and options available in them.

Streaming ShowMax on “All Devices” VS “Mobile Device Only”

All DevicesMobile Device Only
Your Streaming quality will HD quality.While on Mobile device it will be SD quality.
You will be able to stream on 2 devices at the same time.While here you are only limited to stream on 1 device at a time.
You can register up to 5 devices to enjoy your subscription with you, or share the subscription among your devices in your home and workplace (but up to 5-devices).But here, only one device (you) is allow to register with and use and stream on.
You can watch/stream ShowMax on Smart TV, computer, Phones, and Game Console.But you are limited to watch on only your mobile device if you’re going with the “Mobile Device Only” type of ShowMax subscription.

Top 5 ShowMax Best Alternatives for Online Streaming


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