How to Sign in to Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and Twitter

How to Sign in to Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and Twitter

No dout that Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter are the most popular used social media. But still most people do not know how to sign in to their account. Here am going to use images to show how to Sign in to Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter here.

How to Sign in to Facebook:

  1. with your computer or mobile phone, login to facebook page
  2. Enter email address or Mobile number and Password
  3. Click on “Log in”

How to Sign in to Gmail Account:

  1. login to Below is the screen-shot of Google Mail sign in page: Sign up gmail account
  2. Once you fill in the correct email address and password, tap the sign in button below.
  3. Your email should display next.


How to Sign in Twitter Account:

Twitter sign in is also a two-way sign in (like gmail and facebook)

  1. To sign in Twitter account go to:
  2. Wait a little while the page opens (depending on how fast your network is). When it open, a page like this shows up: twitter sign in logo
  3.  Tap the Sign in button and wait for your twitter account to open.

The next is to show you how to sign in yahoo mail account whether pc or mobile phones.

How to Sign in Yahoo Maill Account:

  1. go to or
  2. Wait for the sign in page opens. Below is the screen shot of yahoo mail sign in Page: yahoo mail sign in page logo
  3. Your Yahoo email will open with a very short time.

I believe that with the screen shot provided, any one should understand how to Sign in Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and Yahoo mail



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  1. mohammed ibrahim

    i cant log in to my box

    1. onlinedailys

      which of them???

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