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How To Sign Up For Ezoic Affiliate Program & Earn The Lifetime

Ezoic is one of the most popular Google certified publishing partner platforms, used by publishers to improve their website speed performance and increase their revenue too. Thus, Ezoic is far more than that, but it all depends on how and what you want to achieve with it (Ezoic).

If you already have a Google AdSense account running on your website, the good news for you today that with Ezoic you can increase your earnings by over 60% to 80%. You can give them a try to see how it works for you. See the full tutorial here on how to create a New Ezoic account and complete the Setup progress to get your site approved on the Ezoic platform.

About Ezoic Affiliate Program

Ezoic affiliate is a unique affiliate program that allows you to earn up to 3% of a publisher’s Ezoic Earnings’ for the lifetime for as long as the publisher(s) keep using Ezoic the system. Publishers love using Ezoic because it’s easy to join the program and start improving their businesses, unlike other Google certified publishing partners with ridiculous requirements for publishers to be eligible to join their platform.

Please note that your lifetime earning has no negative or positive impact on the publishers you have referred into Ezoic platform.

Aside from that, Ezoic also offers site speed improvement, traffic analytics, and the most interesting part – to improve publishers earnings to about 60% to 80%. It has been possible for them (Ezoic) because they have all the tools and intelligence to make it happen.

They improve your earning and charge only 10% of the accumulated earnings. So cheap. Unlike other certified publishing partners of Google.

How to Setup Ezoic Affiliate Account

Make sure you’re logged into your Azoic account, then click on “REFERRAL PROGRAM” at the top of the page. You will be directed to the first Ezoic’s REFERRAL PROGRAM where you will learn more on how the program works PLUS your user ID (which is your email address) and password – that will be your access to the login Ezoic Affiliate page.

To Copy your password: hover to the password box and click on the copy icon.

Then click on “START HERE” to redirect you to the Ezoic affiliate login page “https://affiliates.ezoic.com/login“. On this page, enter your username (which is your Ezoic email address) and the password generated – to log in.

There are TWO steps to complete; the first step is to fill out your address and company details, including your website. Although the business and website details are optional.

To go further to the second stage you have to click on the “Save” button.

The second stage is to select your preferred payment method. There are 3 available methods as of when this post was created, which includes; Check, Paypal, and Payoneer. You will further enter your PayPal and Payoneer email address – if that’s one of your options selected. While, for Check, you will provide your house address in order to get your check sent to you.

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Click “Add” to submit your request.

Congratulations! You should be seeing your Ezoic Affiliate dashboard now. Now go through the free tour, let Ezoic show you around the account and how it works.

ezoic affiliate program dashboard image


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