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Learn how to Sign up Google My Business and get Verified Fast

These days customers need features that make their lives easier. This is why as a business owner you have to always keep your business information up to date at all times. Not only will it keep your existing customers but also give new customers reasons to patronize your business. And guess what, this is why Google has provided a platform, “Google My Business“, to help you manage all this without stress and for free.

This means now you can create a business profile that your customers see to fully understand and communicate to you and your business. With this, your business will be seen and attracted to the right audiences from across the world or any location you’ve chosen.

Google My Business is the dashboard where you can manage all your business information for people to see and know about your business so that when they search for your company or companies on Google search and Map they see what you offer.

After registering Google My Business and since you have the ability to customize your business profile fresh with new posts and photos, and more; your existing and new customers can now find you (your business) on Search and Maps.

You will be needing your Google account to sign up on Google my business. But you can create a new account for free (SIGN UP NEW GOOGLE ACCOUNT HERE).

So let’s get started…

Benefits of Signing Up Google My Business Account

  • Make your business location visible on the map and fast accessible on the internet.
  • create a free google my business website domain (optional) if you don’t have a website already.
  • To get a backlink for your business website.
  • Easy and fast to run Google Ads from your account

How to Apply for Google My Business Account

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “START NOW”
  3. Type in your business name and hit the “Enter” button.
  4. Confirm your business name which you have entered is correct then click on “Next”.
  5. Type in the category which your business falls in. As you type, options will drop-down for you to select which category of your business.
    Then click “Next”.
  6. An option for you to add a business address or not. Either YES or NO. Select the “Yes and click “Next” to continue.
  7. The next step is for you to provide where you serve your customers from. However, you can edit or even add more addresses/locations later.
  8. Now enter the contact details you want to show to customers. This time you will provide a phone number and your business website.
    You can create a free website on Google my Business.
  9. It’s your choice now to select whether (yes or no) to receive the latest updates from Google on how to improve your business on “Google My Business”. Click on Next” after making your choice.
  10. Now click on “Finish”.

Now you have completed the “Google My Business Sign up. But the process is not finished yet, You haven’t provided a mailing address to verify your business.

Once you have clicked the “Finish” button the next form that shows up is Google my Business mailing address to verification form.

Mailing Address to Verification

This is the address Google will be sending verification letter, so make sure that the information you provide here is correct in order to get your letter and get your business verified on Google My Business platform.

  • Your country is already selected. Just confirm that it is correct.
  • Enter your street address
  • Local Government area
  • City
  • postal code and
  • state

Then click on “Next”.

Now it’s time for your verification. There are TWO ways to get your business verified on “Google My Business”. It is left for you to select which of this method is ok by you.

Google My Business Verify Methods

  • By Mail

Google will be sending a mail (letter) to the address you have provided above. It takes about 14days as Google always says. But you should expect the mail around 3weeks or more.

The mail (letter) with your name and address you have provided during the Google My Business registration process.

You will be able to see the 5-digit verification code once you open the seal. Click “Mail” if this is an option you prefer then click on “Continue”.

  • Through Live Video Chat

This means you will verify now through a live video chat with one of Google operators. This is recommended if you have a branded Office because that is what the Google operator wants to see. You will be asked to move your webcam around your office so they can see round and confirm that truly it is an office with the name you have used to apply.

Talking of branding, your banner, computer, etc. But there must be something to rime with the business name you apply Google My Business with.

So you will have to select which method is convenient for you (by Mail or by live chat).

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Google my Business registration. Now it’s time to improve your local search ranking and help your customers with a complete profile. And this includes uploading your logo, enter phone number, address, etc.

How to Verify Google My Business With Your Verification Code

Once you receive the letter and remove the seal, you should see your “My Business Verification code” to use and verify your Business listing on Google. See image sample below;

The above inme is the inside of the letter; it contains your code to verify your Google My Business listing and steps to achieve that.

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: You will have to sign in to your Google account. The same account you used to apply for the Google my Business.

Step 3: Enter the verification code.

Step 4: Click Submit!


  • Visit the login official page
  • Click on “Login”.
  • Enter your Google login information to login to your Google my Business account.
  • From your account go to Menu bar (on the left side of the page) and select “Manage Location”.
  • You should see “Enter verification code” under the locations. Click on it.
  • Then enter the verification code and click on “verify”.

…and that will be all. Congratulations once again for your successful application and verification.

Now people know your business and services – all that is left for you now is monitor and improve your lusting for more visibility.

Remember, using the verification code is an alternative to the live-chat verification method. And make sure to keep re-applying for the verification code after you have waited for some weeks without receiving it.

How to Download Google My Business App

With the new Google My business app downloaded you can now manage your business listing from your mobile phone.

From your Google my Business dashboard – you can get the free link to download the latest mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

Or use the link below to download and install now;

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