Best Alternatives for buying Cheap Phones and PCs

Continuous patronage from an online shopping platform really means you truly believe in the quality of delivery of their services. Which is good because online shopping provides stressfree shopping from your comfort. Meanwhile, some shoppers consider even more and would like to try out other platforms.

I mean, apart from the website haven made names and all that, some goes beyound that considering availability and cheapness of the item they want to purchase.

But before we go into our own “list of best alternatives for buying Cheap Phones and PCs” let me first educate you on this.

Why Some Shopping Site Sells Cheaper Than the Others

Have you noticed that; checking the price of an item on one shopping site you see a different price, then going to other sites you see maybe a cheapper or even more costly prices?

Or, even on that perticlar shopping site you love, you will also notivce that a perticlar product or item has different prices – its because they are different dealers or sellers.

This is because it all depends on that shopping company’s and sellers policy. To meat up to target (policy).

yet, that doesn’t mean those selling cheaper or costlyer are fake, No. In fact, you should know that this shopping comanies aren’t the direct owners of those products and services on the sites.

The invite vendors, sellers, producers, retailers, etc to sign up on their platform, place their products and services in order to increase their chances of selling. That is not only selling off-line.

This is why its 100% posible to see the same dealers’ selling on maybe; Juma and still selling on or other online shopping compaies.

So this is why its also necessry to cool down check – whether on same shopping site or best alternative of the site, price differences, other shoppers reviews about the seller and the rating, before you can decoide whether to buy with that dealer or not.

If I can get the same item with same specifications for a cheap price and you get yours costly – of what sense does it make?

Am not saying sells costlyer or cheaper than others, but its necessary to check other shopping sites or dealers for a best value of money. This is why we’re bring to you on this page; “ Best Alternatives for buying Cheap Phones, PCs or any items you desire to purchas online”.

List of Best Alternatives Shopping Sites

Remember, you have can also use the comment box below to express yourself on personal experience on any of the online shopping alternaive of slot listed here. Or tell us if there is any better one we omited as well.

#1.) Jumia Best Alternatives for buying Cheap Phones and PCs 1

Jumia is the No 1. african shopping site with varieties of products and services. Also you get different top dealers stroggling and strategising on how to be the best on the Jumia shopping patform.

Jumia is a typical example of my explanations that; on the same platform you see varity of prices which you can finalize which seller to peronice.

And, one amazing thing is that Jumia wlso shpp from abroad if the item isn’t available. They have good buyers policy to protect the interest oits buyers.

Jumia offer insean deals you won’t resist; dealers like cashback, percentage bonuses when you shop, buy rechage card or Data to get cash back, etc – learn more here.

#2.) Pointek Best Alternatives for buying Cheap Phones and PCs 2

Pointek is known for selling not only Phones and Pc, but also Smart TVs, accessories, etc. Well known for gadgets.

From my observation it seems Pointek is like a one-man show platform. Unlike Juma where you see different sellers competiting so they had to reduce prices.

But Piontek is good and truthed – that is the reason it made our list. It also offers discounts and deals which eventually cuts down prices even more.

#3.) Konga Best Alternatives for buying Cheap Phones and PCs 3

Konga is no different from; different sellers and competitive prices you can select from. It offers deals like other online shopping platform.

But seriously, Konga has mase name and it’s a well trusthed brand company. Gadget malnufaurals trust it and that is why they work with the company.

Konga has a good buy policy to protects the users of the shopping site. So shop with confidence.

#4.) 3C Hub Best Alternatives for buying Cheap Phones and PCs 4

3CHub is one great gadget shopping platform we can’t afford not to list. they also sell cheapper, and be sure of getting the best quality too.

Just like other Best Alternatives listed here 3cHub also offers deals like; Black Friday, weekly deals, chrismax deal, etc.

We are still going to keep listing more shopping companies for cheap, reliable and best shopping policy.

Use the comment form below to tell us which one among the Best Alternatives you’re using and why.

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